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Monday, September 30, 2013

Saudi Arabia Pissed At Obama as Bolivian President Morales: Obama can invade any country for US energy needs

Saudi Arabia Pissed At Obama! 

If you are an Obama supporter or Obamaphone/EBT Card user; RED ALERT! 

If you are an Obama hater who is frustrated because it appears there’s nothing to stop his support for al-Qaeda, destruction of the U.S. Constitution, and numerous cover-ups like Benghazi, birth cetificate, Osama Bin Laden fake raid, gun grabbing via the United Nations and NDAA, etc, you will love this exciting news.

Obama administration officials have stated they will “kill the dollar”, and they have certainly backed up their promises with action.  It is now a fact that Obama is running the country like a homeless black guy with a brand new credit card.

The Saudi’s have reportedly financed both sides of the Syria crisis in an effort to secure their control of oil and gas sales in the middle east.  Bribing Russia with oil and gas revenue and at the same time supplying al-Qaeda weapons via the U.S.A., these multi-billionaire criminals setup  the entire world for war by supporting corporate mercenary teams like Blackwater / Xe to launch false-flag chemical weapons attacks.  Meanwhile the U.S. State Department; White House and Senate (Kerry and Lindsey Graham) are all ignoring this forensic investigation about the fake chemical attack in Syria.

The corrupt intelligence community — the heroin/cocaine/gun trafficking C.I.A .— produced their so-called “evidence Assad regime did it” to justify war on behalf of Saudi interests.  Although the system is designed to never be able to prove it, we can be certain that the C.I.A. criminals were paid handsomely for their patriotic and humanitarian assessment of Syria.

In his dramatic speech in New York, Bolivian President Evo Morales called for the UN to be moved out of the US and for Barack Obama to be tried for crimes against humanity. Speaking to RT, Morales explained his controversial proposals.
In his most controversial demand, Morales said that Obama should face an international trial with human rights watchdogs among the judges. The Bolivian president accused his US counterpart of instigating conflicts in the Middle East to make the region more volatile and to increase the US’s grip on the natural resources it abounds in. He gave Libya as an example of a country where “they arranged for the president to be killed, and they usurped Libya’s oil.” 
“Now they are funding the rebels that fight against presidents who don’t support capitalism or imperialism,” Morales told Eva Golinger of RT’s Spanish sister channel, Actualidad. “And where a coup d’état is impossible, they seek to divide the people in order to weaken the nation – a provocation designed to trigger an intervention by peacekeeping forces, NATO, the UN Security Council. But the intervention itself is meant to get hold of oil resources and gain geopolitical control, rather than enforce respect for human rights.”
The US also operates in the same imperialist way outside the Middle East, Morales argued.  More from RT

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