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Columbus on the Record Special - The Columbus Schools Levy, and Tax payer funded Columbus Public Charter Schools, some which happen to fall under the Madrassa thing.

WOSU's news director Mike Thompson questions Columbus Mayor Michael Coleman and Columbus Schools Superintendent Dan Good about the Columbus School Levy request and plans to reform the school system.

Public Charter Schools in Columbus

Sources: Ohio Department of Education, 2011. Educational Service Center of Central Ohio, 2012.* Public charter, private, private with a voucher, and homeschool students are those who live in the area served by the Columbus City Schools serving Columbus children. Numbers are rounded to the nearest whole number.
Columbus Education Commission February 18, 2013

US Textbooks: Muslims Discovered America

International Academy of Columbus ( ) andWestside
Academy ( ) are two public Charter schools recently
started in Ohio . In this case, the radical affiliations are the Council on American Islamic
Relations, which has been under investigation as an unindicted co-conspirator for terrorism
financing. Ahmad Al-Akhras, CAIR national vice chairman, is one of the incorporators.
 Abukar Arman, according to investigative reporter Patrick Poole, the Somali terror apologist who was recently forced to resign from the Central Ohio Homeland Security.18 “Arman identifies himself as the board president of Westside Academy and March 2005 press release announcing his appointment to a government board lists him as “building director” of International Academy” 
These schools are NOT doing well academically, according to investigative journalist Patrick Poole 19 but they are managing to keep children from assimilating:

Extremist politics, rather than education concerns, seems to be the driving factorof the schools. One of the leaders of the two schools admits to creating a programdesigned to keep students from integrating into the “racist” American mainstream.In a published education article, “Educating Immigrant Youth in the UnitedStates”20, Abukar Arman and his co-author lay out an educational plan of keepingSomali children from integrating into their new culture, and cite the experience ofInternational Academy as the best example of their recommended “selectedacculturation” educational philosophy in practice.
An extensive discussion of other Charter, Independent and similar public schools withIslamist curricula is presented by Daniel Pipes, Middle Eastern and Arabic expert, here inhis comprehensive article “Other Taxpayer-Funded American Madrassas21.”

Global Columbus 7-17-13


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