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My thoughts on City Council Meeting for 10/07/2013; So who's Guarding the Victims or Potential Victims of Crime?

Alright, I'm the life of the party as far as my choice of programs to watch on TV anymore. I don't watch the 'norm', instead I watch c-span , I also watch a lot of programs of my local city Government, now more then ever.  It's always good to know not only whats going on in the country but more important to know what is going on in your own locally in your own city. 

So here goes with my thoughts on the Columbus City Council meeting for October 07, 2013.,
Most of it, seemed pretty much the normal with the worries about WIC, and other Health and Human Services and I guess the worries about what is going to happen with the Government Shutdown.

What really got my attention about this meeting takes place almost at the end of the meeting;
I'm referring to 53:02-56:55ish into the video below.  Where City Attorney Richard C Pfeiffer is talking about a crime, the police, and petitioning/asking Columbus City Council for $30,000 because it would be cheaper to pay the I'm going to say Black  suspected criminal the money then have to possibly spend $100,000 in attorney fees.

I'm unable to find the case he is talking about, but I've included a few articles, about what a 1983 case is, past crimes from around that area, to a comment I found by a former resident of an apartment in that same area.   But what I got out of this was as long as your black, commit a crime?!, get a picture and an attorney.  Your walking free with a fist full of $$$

How often does this kind of thing happen?  What it's better to reward the criminal then to have the police do their job?!  I've seen it with my own eyes, as far as black youth getting away with crimes.

So who's Guarding the Victims or Potential Victims of Crime?

Revisiting Who Is Guarding the Guardians? 

Fight before police shooting racial?

By  Stephanie CzekalinskiThe Columbus Dispatch Friday August 26, 2011 8:22 AMThe fight that resulted in the shooting death of a man by a Columbus police officer on Wednesday night apparently was the result of racial tensions between black and Nepalese residents of a North Side apartment complex, neighbors said.
Residents of the complex said a melee broke out between four black men and as many as 20 Nepalese immigrants, all of whom live in the Breckenridge Apartments off Shanley Drive.

I've lived here for 8 months now... Was walking down the street last night...( I FREQUENTLY go to corner store after dark).. walking on "office" side, from the sound, someone on second floor apt/balcony shot at MY HEAD 5 times! Could hear the shot, hear the "whizzz" sound as it past my head, then hear the "ding" as the bullet hit the chain-linked fence across the street. 5 shots, 5 whizzes and 5 dings... I'm a 47-yr old woman, have not ever been in a gang, so was this an issue, because I was wearing a dark blue baseball cap??? Was only a few yards from my own front door... Oh... know absolutely NO ONE in the building where the shots were coming in at your OWN RISK! 
From: momaslave Date posted: 8/31/2010 Years at this apartment: 2010 - 2010 
Read more:

Municipal Liability Under Section 1983: The Importance of State Law

edit add:  I forgot to say this in this blog before I posted it last night:  It's not that the police aren't trying to do there jobs to the best of there ability, I blame the higher ups and law makers who let this type of not racist at all and I'm sick to death of the i'm black so you have to let me go kind of non-sense to continue.


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