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What is going on America in our Public Schools, and why did Obama declare the month of Nov. National Muslim Appreciation Month.

Fifth-grader receives credit for claiming human rights are gifts of government

NORTH BELLMORE, N.Y. – Gwendolynn Britt isn’t pleased that her daughter’s fifth-grade class is spending several weeks on its study of the United Nations and human rights, but she’s especially wary of the information students might be taught as part of the unit.

New York Human Rights lesson EAG watermarkThose concerns were legitimized Tuesday when Britt reviewed a vocabulary assignment her daughter received in her class at Saw Mill Road Elementary School, which is part of New York’s North Bellmore School District.
In one of the assigned questions, students were instructed to use vocabulary words to explain, “What are human rights?”
Britt’s daughter offered the following answer, probably based on what she was taught in class:
“Human rights are rights articulated by the government to uphold this country in shape. These rules are inalienable. They protect our country. The human rights are one of the most important rights ever. I think they hold this country together.”
To Britt’s surprise, the teacher gave full credit for that answer, which contradicts the Declaration of Independence, which states that individual rights derive from God, not government.

Jerome Illinois Middle School Goes Muslim For The Month Of November 
The small town of Jerome Illinois made big news this week when they announced plans to celebrate Muslim Appreciation Month in exceptional fashion. Students at Westhills Middle School will get a taste of Islamic living during November as the school gears up to expand children’s understanding and tolerance of Islam.

The middle school, which teaches grades 6th through 8th, houses roughly 300 students during its nine month school year.  Each day of November curriculum will start with a prayer to Allah. Children will then repeat an Islamic pledge of allegiance to Afghanistan’s flag. Studies will include Arabic reading and writing, Islamic history and Qumran study to name a few.

Traditional Islamic meals will also be served in the cafeteria. The month-long celebration will culminate in a two-hour school play about the life and teachings of the prophet Mohammed.

Students In Jerome Illinois Will Be Required To Pray In The Direction Of Mecca At Least Three Times Throughout Their School Day -
 Parents will be required to purchase new school uniforms; Abayas for the girls and Thobes for boys. Failure to partake in the month’s activities will lead to a failing mark and the child being forced to take the grade over.

In a phone conversation,  school principal Mohammed Ishir told me:

“I have been seeing a disturbing trend in the conservative news media when it comes to racism against Muslims. There is simply too much prejudice in today’s western culture. All I know to do is to reach out to the children. I hope by showing them the true meaning of this peaceful religion I can bring acceptance to future generations.”

I applaud Ishir and his school for their bold step into a progressive new future. A future where all individuals who have claimed to be God are respected and revered on an equal pedestal.  

Jerome Responds To Questions About Online
 An article is circulating online that claims local students will be forced to celebrate "Muslim Appreciation Month." Jerome village leaders say it's all false.
The website recently published an article claiming Westhills Middle School in Jerome, Ill. will require students to pray to Allah and repeat an Islamic pledge of allegiance to Afghanistan's flag, or they will get a failing grade.
Well, for one, there is no Westhills Middle School in Jerome. Actually, there are no schools at all in the village.
 Plus, National Report is considered satire--though it's not obvious by browsing their website. Jerome village leaders said they've received many inquiries about the story, and confirm the entire article is false.

OK, so I did a map quest on Google to see where this Westhills Middle School is in Jerome; and here is the map I have with A: being Jerome, Ill and B: being Westhills, no where near Jerome.  Unless it's some new Charter school not listed anywhere, or this story is completely made up?

View Larger Map

About Jerome

Jerome's population is 1,449.

School Districts Near Jerome


AMERICA'S #1 INDEPENDENT NEWS TEAM                                               

seems to cover a lot of news, that the Left crowd/Liberals  I guess would consider Satire because it's against their agenda,  many of these stories seem legit, AS I'VE SEEN several of THEM POSTED ELSEWHERE ON LINE AND THOSE AREN'T SATIRE SITES.  and other stories I've read seem to be  mostly opinion pieces of the writer, with a touch of weekly  world news type stories, many i don't agree with but that is there right towards their opinions and those that don't try to verify something for themselves.     'nough said!

So I go to the White House web site to see if the below is true and this is what comes up:

Due to Congress’s failure to pass legislation to fund the government, the information on this web site may not be up to date. Some submissions may not be processed, and we may not be able to respond to your inquiries.

Information about government operating status and resumption of normal operations is available at USA.GOV.

Obama Declares November National Muslim Appreciation 

Month    OK, So I checked this out  and snopes said it's false, ?


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