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Education students say prof’s grammar and spelling corrections a sign of racial hostility

The Art of Spelling And Telling Time, Lost! When Is ‘Enuf is enuf’

Remember when MTV came out and the first video they played was ‘Video Killed The Radio Star’, by The Buggles?   I do!

Since the creation of MTV amongst other things so much has been lost.  How much further can America and  the world be dumb ed down.  I know speaking from growing up in the MTV generation and seeing for myself the dumbing down  take place.  What happened to being able to read a clock with hands is gone to the ‘digital’, along with many other things and the article below is just one more nail in the coffin of intelligence.


Ben is a communications specialist for EAG and joined in 2010. He is a former member of the Michigan Education Association.
statue face palmLOS ANGELES – A group of 25 University of California at Los Angeles students – who are studying to be future teachers, school leaders and university professors – recently staged a sit-in to protest one professor’s acts of “micro-aggression” against minority students, which include correcting grammar, spelling and documentation mistakes on writing assignments.

The protest group, known as UCLA Call 2 Action: Graduate Students of Color, is also upset that education professor Val Rust – whose classroom last week’s sit-in took place – has questioned the value of some minority students’ research work “on social identity and the related dynamics of oppression, power and privilege,” reports
In an interview with, protest spokesman and Ph.D. candidate Kenjus Watson said some inside the graduate program (he would not specifically name Rust) have questioned his research project about black men and micro-aggressions in higher education as “too subjective.”
Watson also explained the unnamed professor marked as incorrect a student’s purposeful decision to capitalize the first letter in the word “Indigenous” all throughout her research paper.
“Watson said that correction disregarded the writer’s scholarly advocacy and had other ‘ideological implications,’” the news site reports.
A statement issued by the protest group listed other complaints, including an incident in which Rust tried to stop a heated classroom discussion about critical race theory by shaking Watson’s arm.
According to Watson, an African American, Rust’s decision to make physical contact with a student was not only wrong, but it carried additional racial implications because it involved an older white male “patronizing” a younger black man, the news site adds.  >>more<<


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