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No More Mosques in Moscow; By Order of the Mayor. We need to watch this and see how it's done. . .

The mayor in Moscow, Russia, has made another controversial move not a couple of months  on the heels of Russia banning the Qur’an. Despite the overcrowding in the city’s four mosques, they have decided that they will not build one more mosque in the city.
In an interview with Komsomolskya Pravda, Mayor Sergei Sobyanin stated that there are about 2 million non-resident workers in Moscow. The workers who are dominantly Muslim from South Central Asia, are central to the economy of Moscow. He stated that they  ”could not manage without them”.
Despite this fact, he stated that the majority of the city’s non-resident workers come from outside the city of Moscow. As such, to build mosques to cater to people who were not residents of Moscow was not warranted. The people are not citizens therefore do not have the right to be catered to, according to Mr. Sobyanin.
Muslim believers who come on religious holidays come from other regions. Between 60 and 70 percent of them are outsiders. We cannot provide for all comers. I think it’s not necessary,” Sobyanin said.~Christian Science Monitor
There is one more mosque being built within the city of Moscow. After that he said he will build no more despite any protests.
“No new building permits will be issued. I think that’s enough mosques for Moscow.”
He devoted a good portion of his interview warning that outsiders caused a big problem with the Slavic Majority in the city in the past. He slammed any and all illegal immigration into Moscow.
He continued his platform from earlier this year. In a February interview with a radio station called Ekho Moskvi, he warned of problems that would come from a large influx of outsiders trying to move to Russia as they have in parts of Europe and Australia.
Muscovites are becoming irritated by people who speak a different language, have different customs, and display aggressive behavior. This is not a purely ethnic issue, but it is connected with some ethnic characteristics,” he said.
His warning became reality last month, when thousands rioted in the Moscow suburb of Biryulyovo over the stabbing of a Russian man by a Muslim from Azerbaijan. Authorities reacted by rounding up over a thousand illegal immigrants and promising to do more to curb the influx.~Christian Science Monitor
Critics are saying basically the same thing the Senate is saying with trying to force the Amnesty Bill. They state that Moscow is in desperate need of cheap unskilled labor. They also say it is corruption of the law enforcement, businesses, and officials that brings them to Moscow illegally. Sounds like our administration in the States not allowing ICE to do their jobs.  >>more from The Free Patriot<<

Russian President Vladamir Putin Says to Exterminate Islamic Radicals Like Cockroaches

We recently ran an article on a letter that Russian President Vladamir Putin wrote to the American people, trying to spell out in black and white, the dangers of radical Islamic extremism that faces the free nations of the planet. See full story here:
America, it seems, has gotten very soft and needs things spelled out in black and white by the likes of Putin, who has become one of the world’s leading badasses when it comes to dealing with real life threats, and beating them into submission, unlike U.S. President Barack Hussein Obama, who when faced with dire, economic circumstances, prefers to ‘pick up his ball and go home’ and leave his constituents hanging out to dry.
Just in the past two weeks, Islamic radicals have extended their reign of terror on the free world by slaughtering countless innocents at the Westport Mall in Kenya, by taking over an entire city and killing more than 100 people in Zamboanga, Philippines, on the southern island of Mindanao, and by attacking the Russian Embassy in Tripoli, Libya just today.

While a politically correct America, arguably the “soft underbelly of Western Culture” continues to say that Islam is a “religion of peace” badass Russian President Vladamir Putin spells it out in saying, “…I would love to gas the Chechens–all 1.2 million of them. They are like cockroaches, murderous Muslim cockroaches, and if the Chechens had done to Americans what they have done to Russians, maybe the US public would want to join with us. Oh wait, they have: The Boston Bombers, those Tsarnaev brothers, were Chechens. You took them in–against our advice. You put them on welfare for a decade, ignored our intelligence warnings, and then they terror-bomb you. The Chechens deserve to be fumigated. As an aside, what’s wrong with your media? They seem like “useful idiots”–to borrow Lenin’s phrase–for the terrorists. That Rolling Stone cover? Really? That would never happen in Russia.”  >>more from Universal Free Press<<


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