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North Carolina Mother of 4: Food stamps cut from $500 to $16 per month

This is BS LIES, she may have had a $16 cut to her food stamps but seriously going from $500 to $16 I say NIGGA pleaz and I call BS on the title to this article.  Not to mention why the hell is she getting food stamps making $11.00 an hour...OH I forgot she is BLACK.  Hell there are people working state, city, government  jobs making more then the $11 an hour with benefits geting public assistance......HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN?

November 2, 2013
With devastating cuts to the food stamp program, heralded by Republicans, families, the homeless, veterans, and others will have to vigorously cut corners. But one family in particular is feeling the ‘painful cuts’ even more. Republicans have cheered on these cuts and they are life changing. This is a perfect example of austerity measures, which never work to create a thriving population.

NBC Charlotte spoke with a single mother of four, who will go from $500 per month to $16.
For lunch at Sara Grier’s house, Ramen noodles are served for all four kids.

Ms. Grier said, “At this point I don’t know what were going to do.”

NBC Charlotte reports, “The single mom is dealing with cuts to the food stamps program that went into effect nationally on Friday. Most people face a five percent cut, but for some reason — Sara’s is much more dramatic.”
She said, “I never thought that it would hit my home.”

Sara works hard at the only jobs she could get which pays $11 per hour, for 30 hours a week. Her total income is $17,000 per year.

Her 11-year-old daughter India said, “Since this happened the amount of food we get has gone down, but we still get fed — and I’m happy for that.”

Sara is a wise shopper, buying meat that’s on sale, with kids getting a specific number of chicken nuggets.
Cereal is specifically divvied up, with each child getting half of a bowl.
And now those stamps are cut dramatically.

Sara said, “With my kids, they know what’s going on with Mommy. They notice a difference from us going to the grocery store.”

India explains, “We get a big bag of chicken nuggets and then divide it into five little Ziploc bags and that’s what we have for lunch.”

Sara said, “In a house for a single mom, grocery money is also the light bill, it’s the rent, it’s gas so they can get to games.”  >>more<<


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