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2013 Mass Exodus: Young Israelis leave Israel for greener economic pastures in the USA. . .

Will 2013 be the year American Jews secede from Israel?   By  Jan. 1, 2013

One day in the future, when it all comes horribly down, will Israelis finally realize that there were warning signs all along?

More to the point of the ultimate survival of Israel, could it be that when the real alarm sounds, when the genuine danger impends, Israelis won't hear a thing?

The answers may lie in how Israelis react to the canary in the coal mine, their forward recon unit in the world, the American Jewish community.

In fact, as the new year dawns, there are mounting signs that 2013 may be the year in which U.S. Jews – in the main, liberal in outlook, committed to tolerance, pluralism, and a vigorous, sincere pursuit of peace – effectively secede from this state of Israel.

They remain committed to supporting the existence of an Israel which balances Israeli and Jewish culture with respect for minority rights, democratic values. They will stay active in promoting the welfare of Israel's disadvantaged.

But many American Jews are already distancing themselves in word and deed from a government it sees as arrogant and short-sighted, enslaved to a runaway train of settlement, dismissive of the rights of Palestinians and other non-Jews, cold to the concerns of a sinking middle class and the drowning disadvantaged, contemptuous of the concerns of the larger Jewish world.

The catalysts: settlement expansion - especially as it strikes at Israeli-Palestinian peace prospects and mocks Washington – and backhanded insensitivity to the rights and ritual of non-Orthodox Jews.
In recent weeks, some of Israel's most influential defenders in the States have warned of hardline Israeli policies and parties which could lead "to the destruction (the self-destruction) of Israel" (Jeffrey Goldberg), and"national suicide" (Thomas Friedman).
Israeli leaders lent them not so much as a deaf ear. Nothing.

Refugee Resettlement and 'Freedom of Choice': The Case of Soviet Jewry

Lifeline for US law that aided Soviet, now Iranian Jews

WASHINGTON (JTA) – When the Lautenberg Amendment was introduced in 1990, it provided a mechanism for hundreds of thousands of Soviet Jews to exit their crumbling country and immigrate to freedom in the United States.

How Near is the Coming Time of Trouble

 Jews Control U.S. Immigration Policy 

Coming Race and Religious Wars

  Lorraine Day, M.D.  (the attached link is calling her a quack, but take it as you want, I'd say it's because of the link below, for one)

Lorraine Day, M.D. discusses. . .

Natural, Alternative Therapies for all Diseases,
including Cancer and AIDS

Ever since the early 1900’s, the Jews in the United States have tried clandestinely to control the immigration policy of this country.  The publicly stated purpose for this control by the Jews was to encourage a multi-ethnic population in the U.S. supposedly to guard against persecution of Jews.  

Even before World War II and the supposed “Holocaust” – and even before World War I when an attempt at promoting a supposed “Holocaust” failed miserably, the Jews were determined to destroy the white, Christian, Western European culture of America. 
You may ask why Jews would want to destroy the “white” race, when they are “white.”  But that is the naïve and uninformed thinking that Jews love to see in the white race.  Jews don’t consider themselves “white.”  They consider themselves “Jews.”  They consider the “white” race to be Gentiles. 
Throughout history, Jews have been expelled from at least 79 countries; some historians say 109 countries.  Of course, the Jews publicly state that they have been expelled for “no reason.”  They have been expelled “just because they are Jews.”  But the following article entitled, “Why are Jews Persecuted?” by Jayne Gardener identifies the reasons very well:   >>more<<
Since 2004, it has served as a lifeline for religious minorities fleeing the Islamic theocracy of Iran.

The amendment, named for the US senator from New Jersey who introduced the measure, has kept open a critical path to American safe haven for certain foreigners persecuted because of their religion.
That path was in danger of closing early this month. The amendment was subject to a sunset clause — meaning that funding had to be renewed every five years — and the sequester’s across-the-board programming cuts did not augur well.
Iranian Jews have benefited from a law allowing them to move to the US even if their lives aren't in danger. (Courtesy of HIAS via JTA)
Iranian Jews have benefited from a law allowing them to move to the US even if their lives aren’t in danger. (Courtesy of HIAS via JTA)
But on March 6, Republicans in the US House of Representatives handed the program a lifeline when they included it in a “continuing resolution,” a stopgap measure that funds critical government programs while Congress and the White House continue to negotiate a budget. The resolution passed by a vote of 267 to 151. It now goes to the Democratic-led Senate, where leaders have said they will work to pass a version that both parties and the White House can stomach.


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