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27 Nobel laureates called on Russia to repeal the gay propaganda
Twenty-seven Nobel laureates signed an open letter to Russian President Vladimir Putin to repeal the "gay propaganda." The text of the open letter on Tuesday, January 14 publishes the British newspaper The Independent.
Guests have signed the message "to the president and the people of Russia" John Maxwell Coetzee entered, Nobel Prize for Literature in 2003, a geneticist Paul Nurse, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2002, and Harold Kroto chemist Sir - Nobel Laureate 1996 year. That Sir Kroto, along with actor Sir Ian McKellen became initiators of writing an open letter against the law on gay propaganda.
"Protest is never easy, but we hope that, expressing disagreement with the new legislation, we would encourage the Russian government to defend in the XXI century, humanitarian, political and democratic principles embodied in doing Mikhail Gorbachev," - said in an open letter.
Full list signed the open letter:
  • Mairead Maguire (Peace Prize, 1976)
  • Eric Allin Cornell (physics, 2001)
  • Sheldon Lee Glashow (Physics, 1979)
  • Brian Josephson (physics, 1973)
  • Pearl Martin (Physics, 1995)
  • Roald Hoffmann (Chemistry, 1981)
  • Gerhard Ertl (chemistry, 2007)
  • Suzumiya Tonegawa (medicine / physiology, 1987)
  • Tony Leggett (Physics, 2003)
  • Paul Nurse (Medicine, 2002)
  • Dudley Herschbach (chemistry, 1986)
  • Robert Curl (Chemistry, 1996)
  • Harold Kroto (Chemistry, 1996)
  • John Maxwell Coetzee (Literature, 2003)
  • Martin Chalfie (Chemistry, 2008)
  • Richards Roberts (medicine / physiology, 1993)
  • John Polanyi (Chemistry, 1986)
  • Edmond Fischer (medicine / physiology, 1992)
  • Timothy Hunt (medicine / physiology, 2001)
  • Jack Szostak (medicine / physiology, 2009)
  • Eric Vishaus (medicine / physiology, 1995)
  • Leon Lederman (Physics, 1988)
  • Peter Agre (Chemistry, 2003)
  • John Sulston (medicine / physiology, 2002)
  • Herta Müller (Literature, 2009)
  • Brian Schmidt (physics, 2011)
  • Thomas Steyts (chemistry, 2009)

Law banning propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations among minors was adopted in Russia at the end of June 2013. Russian "law on gay propaganda" has drawn criticism from human rights organizations and many Western politicians.Special resonance this law outside Russia received in connection with the Winter Olympics, which will be held in Sochi in February 2014. A number of politicians and public figures because of this law called for a boycott of the Sochi Games.

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