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Reformed KKK leader; Reverend Johnny Lee Clary who is now an Anti-Racism Speaker to visit Petal

This is a news release from the city of Petal 
Former National Imperial Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan Reverend Johnny Lee Clary who is now an Anti-Racism Speaker, and Ordained Associate Pastor & Evangelist with Jimmy Swaggart Ministries Family Worship Center in Baton Rouge, LA.

Will be speaking and ministering at Abundant Grace of Petal, 518 Hillcrest Loop in Petal, Mississippi. Rev. Clary has appeared on Oprah, Fox News, NBC's The Today Show, ABC World News, CNN, CBN's The 700 Club, and numerous other News and Talk Shows around the world. He will be speaking out against racism, and will put forth a plan for racial reconciliation in what he refers to as "Project Mississippi Brotherhood".
Clary served as Imperial Wizard, succeeding Sam Bowers in The White Knights of Mississippi in the 1980's, which is the same Klan faction that was responsible for the Mississippi Burning Civil Rights murders. Clary resigned in a scandal after his girlfriend was discovered to be an Undercover FBI informant and due to infighting between Aryan Supremacists Organizations. As well, he also lost his career as a Professional Heavyweight Wrestling Champion.
Southern US preacher and former KKK Imperial Wizard Johnny Lee Clary starts out, like all of us, by sweating. But he soon warms to his task as he points out how he was "taught" racism. "That's right," he says. "Taught. Racism ain't something you are born with." Brilliant! Nor is the belief that Jesus Christ is our saviour, but i keep that revelation to myself. Johnny's simple stratagem seems to absolve him of all personal responsibility for his prior actions and beliefs. He was "taught" to hate blacks. Any notions of self-determination, free will or critical thinking would have gone right out the window, had one been open amongst all this airless piety. Johnny was simply "taught" racism.

I soon discover i have been labouring under a severe misapprehension. I had thought this man, a former KKK member who now preaches in a black ministry advocating civil rights, must have undergone some kind of epiphany. Johnny must be one of the Enlightened Ones, i thought. But Johnny, it seems, has simply traded one set of prejudices for another. White supremacist to Christ supremacist. "You won't get to heaven unless you follow Jesus," he says simply. "Mohammad ain't gonna get you there, the Buddha ain't going to get you there, old Krsna or whatever his name is ain't gonna get you there - only Jesus." This, apparently, is because Jesus is the one and only prophet whose bones are not laid in the ground. His Ascension has placed him head and shoulders above all the rest of them. Only Jesus has the flight plan to the Promised Land.  >>more from the nerve<<

But the craziest thing about all this? That would be that the guy writing this nonsense is Johnny Lee Clary, himself a former professional wrestler! As Johnny Angel, Clary wrestled a little bit in the NWF during the 1980s, but if you know him for anything, it’s probably being an outspoken member of the Ku Klux Klan during that same period. But don’t worry, now he’s a “born again Christian and world wide evangelist,” who is “hoping and praying for justice no matter who is responsible” in the best way possible: By spreading wild, unsubstantiated, irresponsible, fear-mongering rumors.
Johnny Lee Clary is a crazy person, and there’s no shortage of those on the internet - the place is lousy with them, for crying out loud. But what makes this so interesting to me is the same thing that makes the best wrestling so fascinating: The question of who is working a gimmick, and who exactly is in on it.

So, yesterday some wackadoo sent me the above link, detailing how the horrific Chris Benoit double-murder/suicide was actually the work of a Satanic cult led, inspired or and/or directed by Kevin Sullivan.
I don’t want to start maligning the Right Reverend Clary, but how about we run down some hypotheticals? You know, as if we were building a spurious case against a guy we’ve arbitrarily decided is a legit servant of the dark lord of Hell itself…
Clary could have realized at a certain point that he had wasted his life, spending years as a member of a hysterical hate group and pursuing a wrestling career that frankly, wasn’t ever going to happen. He could have realized that while he made a rather poor professional wrestler, and that the hategroup business was kind of on the wane, he might be able to use his not inconsiderable abilities as a huckster and merchant of lies to pursue a new career. He could have settled on becoming a “born again Christian and world wide evangelist” as a way to get people to start sending him money through a conveniently placed link on his website. He then could have realized that business wasn’t exactly booming, and that numbers could be goosed by writing about something that people would pass around to their friends. He could have figured that the best way to do this would be to spin a wild, mostly-bullshit story that not only involved devil worship and murder, but also exonerated a wrestler who remains much-loved and revered in certain circles.
If Clary believes the stuff he’s selling, he’s a psychopath. If he doesn’t, but is selling it anyway, then he’s a manipulative scumbag.
If you agree that Reverend Johnny Lee Clary is a nutbag, I hope you’ll join me in making a donation - no matter how small - to Kevin Sullivan and his inspiring, ongoing work with the Satanic Church.

 Clary has traveled all over the world, drawing record crowds as a speaker with a solution to racism. He also works with the FBI as a speaker to educate law enforcement officers from around the world as to the dangers of hate groups and is an official agent of change for the United States Armed Forces. He appears daily as a News Panel Member on a National TV show, "Frances & Friends" on SBN-TV hosted by Frances Swaggart and Co- Hosted by Donnie Swaggart.

He is available for any news interviews concerning his speaking engagement in the Petal Church. He may be contacted at 918-850-1560.


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