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Why is it Civil Nations have to protect every other country and tell them what's right and wrong?

I'm not saying rape, Breast Ironing, etc is not a savage act that should be stopped, it should but truthfully what right is it for us to tell them how to live in their countries when they don't seem to even want to assimilate into a hosting countries  ways or traditions?  Instead they come getting all the assistance they need, wanting to change our traditions that have gone on all of our lives by  penalizing us for wanting to continue living the way we have. . .  just doesn't make much sense.

How a Canadian-led team is fighting to protect Malawi girls from rape

Toronto lawyer Fiona Sampson is the founder of The Equality Effect, which was successful in persuading Kenya’s High Court to order the police to do their duty and protect girls from rape. The non-profit organization hopes to do the same in Malawi.

Troubling traditions

Small, beautiful and peaceful, Malawi calls itself the “warm heart” of Africa. But it also ranks as the world’s 10th poorest nation, has one of its highest incidences of HIV/AIDS, and clings to some troubling traditions – such as a dark and predatory attitude toward virginity.
“Men hunt for young girls to rape, in the belief that having sex with virgins will make them rich,” explains Toronto lawyer Fiona Sampson.
Incredibly, some even “harvest” a young girl’s breasts and uterus to sell as “charms” on the black market, a practice documented in a 2007 United Nations report, which declared that “trafficking in body parts and child abductions are relatively common in the region,” whereas attempts to stop them “are virtually non-existent.


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