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Sankofa SuperHerus teaches African children to hate and kill whites

Sankofa SuperHeru Black History Book Preview

Well I guess the black man I saw the other day in the grocery store must have gotten a special early release of this book then in the USA, the way he was walking around with a toddler repeating over and over again 'gotta pick the cotton', glaring at all the white shoppers.  It was very nutty, the little boy looked terrified.

Sankofa SuperHerus teaches Afrikan children about our beloved leaders in an exciting new way. This book is designed for parents to read along with their children. Sankofa SuperHerus provides a brief summary of several revolutionaries, offering just enough information to encourage further study. Use this book as a foundation to make your child an expert in ancient and modern Afrikan history. After reading each story, feel free to enrich your child's learning with further investigation, book reports, role play, art projects, or creating songs about each figure. Let's make "ourstory" fun!

Abibifahodie! (Afrikan liberation!)

Two government officials who coined the genocidal chant still keep their jobs: Ncobo Sodo,, FAR LEFT, and his face-book friend Mfundo Dlungwane, left, both government officials of the ANC-regime, openly called for the ‘killing of all white babies’ in their public discussion on Facebook on May 25 2010. While the then-SA Police Minister issued a strongly-worded statement on July 1 2010, condemning widespread ‘xenophobic hatespeech ‘ and rumoured plans to ethnically-cleanse and kill black ‘foreigners’ in South Africa, the Minister also totally ignored the complaints lodged by Afriforum civil rights movement about the widespread hatespeech and death-threats targetting whites in South Africa – with chanted slogans at public ANC-meetings which even call for the mass-murders of all ‘white babies”. Complaints were lodged against Ncobo Sodo and Mfundo Dlungwane for coining the new genocidal hatespeech slogan: One Bullet, One White Infant. Both government officials still are in their jobs despite these official complaints. Pres Jacob Zuma also still chants the slogan “Bring my machinegun’ on public platforms. What messages are the ANC-regime really giving to their own black electorate through such events?.


Thank you Jaco


Kelly Ellsberry said…
If this was a book that Jews wrote about killing Nazis, this book would be praised. There are literally hundreds of books and movies that highlight the struggles of other groups but everyone is quick to tell black people to "just get over it" when the atrocities we have and continue to suffer have been/are more horrific and oppressive that those suffered by any other group-_-

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