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Who Knew? Mosquito sperm have 'sense of smell', Calling a 'transgender' a tranny was offensive, to getting a court order to be allowed to masterbate while watching porn at work. . .

Mosquito sperm have 'sense of smell'

This unexpected discovery is reported in an article published in the online Early Edition of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences for the week of Feb. 3 by a team of Vanderbilt University biologists.
The scientists report that they have detected a suite of specialized chemical sensors called  (ORs) in mosquito sperm. These are the same as the sensors that play a central role in the mosquito's olfactory system, which is found on the insect's antennae.The researchers found that the odorant  in the sperm are expressed along their tails where they drive the rapid increase in the movement (beating) of the sperm tails.

"This discovery is really 'out of the box' for us," said L.J. Zwiebel, the Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair in Biological Sciences who directed the study. "It is the first time that insect ORs have been found to function in non-sensory cells or tissue. We think this could be an entirely new paradigm for how insect reproduction is regulated. If it is, it could provide a powerful new approach for controlling populations of insects of medical and/or economic importance."
The origin of the discovery was an observation the researchers made several years ago as part of their research into the olfaction system of the malaria mosquito Anopheles gambiae. They found unusually high expression of a group of odorant receptors in the bodies of male mosquitoes. This caught the researchers' attention because they were receptors that females use so they didn't expect them to be enhanced in males. It took them several years to follow up on the observation. When they did, they tracked these receptors to the males' testes and ultimately to the sperm themselves.
The finding sparked their interest further because of controversial research that has reported finding  in human sperm. "Evidence for the presence of these receptors in  is very solid. What is controversial is whether they play any role in human reproduction," Pitts said.
Because of ongoing research that the Vanderbilt researchers have been conducting aimed at discovering new and more effective mosquito repellents, they had developed the tools they needed to determine if the odorant receptors in the mosquito sperm were functional. In particular, they had identified specific chemical compounds that specifically activate insect odorant receptors as well as others that prevent them from activating.Read more at: 

Gabourey Sidibe Repeatedly Uses The Word 'Tranny' On 'Arsenio Hall Show' [UPDATED]  

Inspired by the Special Olympics campaign against the word “retard”, several associates of transgender-activist Monica Helms got together to make a PSA against trans slurs. So what words should we avoid when talking about our trans brothers and sisters?

It’s rude to call a trans person a “tranny, he-she, it, shemale, transvestite, man in a dress, hermaphrodite, or a freak.” It’s also rude to call them by the wrong gender pronoun—if you’re not sure, just ask which they prefer. And while we’re at it please don’t ask a trans person what their name “used to be” or questions about their genitals. What? Were you raised by goblins? source

Full story here:

I guess saying chicks with dicks or something like that is acceptable?  That is the way they are acting. . .

Actress Gabourey Sidibe repeatedly used a transphobic slur when she recently visited "The Arsenio Hall Show" to discuss living in New Orleans.
The "American Horror Story: Coven" star said the word "tranny" no less than five times in under a minute when she appeared on the show on January 23:
Audience: [Laughter]
Sidibe: Specifically trannies.
Arsenio Hall: Yeah…
Sidibe: And I don't know what goes on with trannies but that tranny on tranny crime needs to stop!
Arsenio Hall and audience: [Laughter]
Sidibe [chuckling]: It is tearing our nation apart!
While Sidibe brings up a good point about the treatment of transgender people by the police (and not just in New Orleans, where the profiling and abuse of trans women of color by the police was allegedly so bad the Justice Department launched an investigation, a recent study found that "trans people across the U.S. experience three times as much police violence as non-transgender individuals" and that "even when transgender people were the victims of hate crimes, 48 percent reported receiving mistreatment from the police when they went for help") the use of the term "tranny," the tone of the segment and the way the segment was packaged and presented on "The Arsenio Hall Show's" YouTube channel has many upset.
Mara Keisling, Executive Director of the National Center for Transgender Equality, told The Huffington Post:
Gabourey Sidibe: There was a bar that we would frequent and every time we'd go, when we were leaving every single time there was always like a gang of cops arresting trannies.
Using the word 'tranny' isn't OK anymore. Using it to make fun of people is definitely not OK. And using it to make fun of any kind of violence is just plain wrong. I know she meant it in fun but that's the problem in this case. It's not just that she used the word 'tranny' but that she's making fun of violence in a city where the police have a history of committing violence and discriminationagainst trans women of color. It's the kind of thing that trans people listen to and say, 'This is someone who is not thinking about our lives. This is someone who is making fun of our problems.' Gabby is someone who has approached lots of different social issues with grace and class and so this is just such a disappointment. read more
Woman wins right to watch porn and masturbate at work

Brazilian woman Ana Catarian Bezerra, has won the right to masturbate and watch pornography in the workplace.

The 36-year-old accountant, suffers from a chemical imbalance that triggers anxiety and hypersexuality. She is said to need to masturbate for at least fifteen minutes every two hours.

The condition, that requires the sufferer to orgasm to relieve stress and anxiety, caused Ms Bezerra difficulty at work. At the peak of her condition she was having to masturbate up to forty-seven times a day. quotes Ms Bazerra as saying: "I got so bad I would have to masturbate up to forty seven-times a day. That's when I asked for help, I knew it wasn't normal,"

Now on on a variety of tranquillisers, Bezerra reportedly (only) has to masterbate around 18 times a day.

This is a landmark trial, which see’s the condition known as ‘compulsion orgasmic’ and the need to orgasm recognized by law.

In winning this case, the court ruled that Ms Bezerra is allowed to masturbate at work, and is also allowed to watch porn on her office computer.

What is compulsion orgasmic?

‘Compulsion Orgasmic’ is a condition characterised by the near-constant desire to achieve orgasm.

The sufferer will feel deep distress if they are not able to receive sexual gratification.

The sufferer can be in physical and/or psychological pain that is releaved by chemicals released in orgasm.  >more<   thank you for sharing this article Craig


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