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A hater among us, I don't think so he just wants his country back to the way the founding cultures of the 'British and French' intended it to be.

This was published 4 days prior to A hater among us
Multiculturalism in Canada

In 1971, Canada became the first country in the world to declare multiculturalism as official state policy. Multiculturalism is reflected in the law through the Canadian Multiculturalism Act of 1988 and Section 27 of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Yet the roots of multiculturalism in Canada can be seen in the country's earliest beginnings, as three founding cultures — aboriginal, British and French — were soon joined by many more from around the globe.

Today, multiculturalism is a touchstone of Canadian national identity and a point of pride for Canadians from coast to coast to coast.

Kevin Goudreau’s blue golf shirt is buttoned to the collar. Were it not, heads would surely be turning, because there is a large tattoo of a swastika on his chest.

He keeps it under wraps during a recent interview, but it is on the Internet for all to see, along with photos of him blanketed in a Nazi flag and with his arm raised in the Nazi salute.

The Oshawa, Ont., drywaller is the leader of the White Nationalist Front, which wants to turn Canada into a white homeland by deporting millions of Canadians of other skin colours.

While Mr. Goudreau does not consider the Norwegian far-right terrorist Anders Behring Breivik an ideological peer, the similarities in their online writings are hard to ignore.

Both demonize multiculturalism, immigration, hate-crimes laws, the media and the left. Both see the solution as social engineering that they imagine will return them to a condition of national homogeneity that never truly existed in the first place.

Where they diverge is on the subject of exactly who poses the primary threat to their Utopias: while Breivik sees Muslim immigrants as the problem, Mr. Goudreau wants all non-whites expelled.

“I feel that Canada’s makeup should be predominantly white European,” he said, adding that would be accomplished through “basically the repatriation of Third World immigrants back to their country of origin.”

Here is a perfect example, why do these people get praised, while historicaly white nations are having to up-root and forget their traditions; whether it be holidays, religion, manner of dress; etc with the risk of being fined or charged with something out of fear of offending a guest in our homelands?!?  

STOP IT for fear of offending a refugee, immigrant, or new comer?  Sorry Folks, but this sort of treatment offends everything we have been brought up with and our founding ancestors; that is all Kevin and a small minority of racialy aware whites are doing is actively resisting these changes in a non-violent manner through spoken and written words, beliefes and opnions.

There is no violence in his actions/words. 'talking'.  Remember everyone Kevin and several others including myself weren't alive during WWII Germany or during the Civil War or Civil Rights era's and Kevin and others are very knowledgeable on the history of those times; more so then many 'scholars, politicians' or 'radioshow catch phrase of the moment' and see the same thing currently happening to our Countries and The White Race.  Stop laying blame were it doesn't belong.  

Discovering why only a minority of people actively resist adversity, in any country, at any time, even when injustice stares them in the face or affects them directly, can be tantalising.
Most people just get on with their lives and survive. In Nazi Germany, ignoring Hitler atrocities, villagers were in denial about nearby concentration camps. Yet a handful of German military chiefs lost their lives in a failed attempt to assassinate Hitler in 1944. Former French president François Mitterand was first involved in the Vichy collaborationist regime, and was then a founder member of one of the first armed resistance movements in France, the Maquis, resisting Nazi occupation from 1942.
Sometimes, individuals have simply had enough, such as Rosa Parks, a black American seamstress. Having travelled all her life on segregated buses in the Deep South, in 1955, on an impulse, she refused to give up her seat for a white passenger, triggering a wave of non-violent protests, which led to the great civil rights movement. In 1962, James Howard Meredith braved the Ku Klux Klan and angry white blockades to become the first black student admitted to the segregated University of Mississippi.  >>more<<


Anonymous said…
From a political standpoint "racist" may be understood as communist in origin; but from a theological standpoint its homosexual in nature, because it does not recognize the different kinds - both in term of what can be seen outwardly as well as what is unseen inwardly. Both the visible and invisible matter, if you want to win. Any revolutionary act devoid of God will end badly.
Anonymous said…
From Christianity Affirms Racial Integrity by Col. Jack Mohr

"The mentality of the integrationist factions, be they liberal, socialist or communist, is one of contempt and hatred for men of all races. A mass of raceless, rootless men is the easiest to control and enslave.

Sadly, though, these leftists have cleverly turned the charge of hatred away from themselves and pinned it on many decent Christian people through the use of such trick concepts as racism and bigotry. These work by confusing the issues of racial hatred and the God-given affinity one feels for one's own kind. Thus a white man who merely prefers white culture is identified as a "racist" and is the moral equivalent of some brute who would kill a black man for no other reason than his race.

This makes as much sense as saying that a man with normal sexual feelings is the moral equivalent of a rapist. (Some feminists have actually tried to pull this line.) When liberals succeed in making people feel guilty about normal, instinctive feelings, they have a powerful tool for manipulation and control."
Thank you for your comment

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