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From NPR: Is A Beating In Detroit A Hate Crime? YES IT IS, and SO IS THAT QUESTION!

HECK YES THIS IS A HATE CRIME PLAIN AND SIMPLE, any sane person that happens to live in an area or city that has a large BLACK population knows and sees blacks mostly youth running out in front of cars to walking in the middle of the street and getting angry almost daring you to hit them; when you honk or stop until they move with very intimidating threatening behavior towards the motorist. It's insane. I have personaly observed this kind of behavior numerous times.

I know one afternoon while I was waiting for the City bus to take me downtown, while standing waiting at the bus stop I saw two pre-teen/teenage black males that kept running across a main busy roadway not looking or caring, my bus came and I went to my destination, when returning home I saw a bunch of police cars parked at a nearby carwash, as I was walking by I recognized a car and the person who owned it sitting in the back seat of a police car. I didn't know what was going on until I returned home and made mention of what I saw. Thats when I was told this person that was in the back of the police car had hit some black kid who ran out in front of him while driving on that busy roadway. I wanted to go back up to the carwash and tell them what I saw happening earlier in the day, but luckily this guy wasn't charged with anything that I am aware of.

Whole Point of that little story, and trust me I have many more is that kind of thing happens on a daily basis in the city i'm from, and it's insane.

Is A Beating In Detroit A Hate Crime?

Police are investigating whether the recent beating of a white motorist in Detroit was a hate crime. Guest host Celeste Headlee speaks with WDET's Jerome Vaughn and Quinn Klinefelter about the case.  >>npr source<<


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