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I understand what I'm saying in this video sounds a little bit harsh but its a hell of a lot better than being hurt or killed. Please share!

Simple Safety Tips to Avoid a Truck Accidents

How to Drive Defensively to Avoid Truck Accidents

Semi trucks, tractor-trailers, and other large vehicles are notoriously hard to maneuver, adjust, and brake in emergency situations. Therefore, when a truck must stop, swerve, or move quickly, the chance that the entire rig may roll-over, jackknife, or skid is immeasurably increased. However, you can help decrease these accidents while protecting yourself and family by driving defensively and cautiously around trucks and large vehicles. These tips will help.
  • Remember that if you can’t see a truck’s side mirror, than the trucker can’t see you.
  • Keep at least two car lengths between you and the truck at all times.
  • Do not attempt to pass a truck on the right or before he changes lanes; he may not see you nor be able to adjust his speed to compensate for your passing.
  • When approaching on-ramps next to a truck, be aware of the on-ramp traffic. If a car is trying to merge, make sure you allow room for the truck to move over if necessary. Just because you’re in the left lane doesn’t mean you don’t have to pay attention to on-ramps and traffic in the right. Although you may not think onramp traffic is your concern, since it’s the truck that has to adjust, if the trucker doesn’t see you in the left lane and has to move over, you’re the one who could be in danger.
  • Remember to be cautious and respectful of other drivers, even if it’s for your own safety.
  • Be extremely cautious when approaching semis in intersections. Make sure you see them and they see you.
  • It’s much harder for a semi to adjust speed than it is for you. If an adjustment has to be made, do it yourself rather than waiting for the truck driver; not only will it be safer, but probably faster and less stressful as well.
  • The safest way to drive around trucks is to make sure that they don’t have to readjust their speeds or trajectory because of you. You can drastically decrease the potential for a truck collision and make it easier for truckers to stay on the road by driving defensively and respectfully.
Unfortunately, no matter how safely or defensively you’re driving, you can’t control the actions of others. Therefore, if other drivers (truckers or not) don’t know or refuse to follow the proper truck safety guidelines, you and your family could be at risk for a serious accident. Don’t allow ignorance to hurt your family; help us spread the word by sharing this page on Facebook, Twitter or at work to raise awareness about truck safety.

I understand what I'm saying in this video sounds a little bit harsh but its a hell of a lot better than being hurt or killed.
Please share!


On June 6, 2014, a sedan with a passenger pulled out in front of a semi, disregarding the stop sign at the intersection of Highway 234 and State Road 63, in Vermillion County, Indiana, causing a destructive collision. A witness on the scene reported that the driver of the car that caused the collision, was talking on his cell phone at the time of the accident. Officials reported that the semi had a right of way when the collision occurred. While the driver of the semi was not injured, the car was damaged to the extent that both the driver and his passenger had to be extricated from it. Both were airlifted to Methodist Hospital by Lifeline, where the driver, who tested positive for marijuana, was pronounced dead. The passenger of the vehicle was hospitalized in a critical condition. Source: WDTVITV


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