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Socialist Workers' Party England: Support our Firemen.

Socialist Workers' Party England: Support our Firemen.: The SWPE today took to the picket line alongside the men and women of the Fire Brigade.  Firemen and Firewomen risk their lives every day to...

In an act of unspeakable greed, the UK government is forcing Firemen and Firewomen to pay a substantial proportion of their pay into a pension scheme which requires them to work in a very dangerous job until they are 60 years old.  If they should retire before they reach 60, they will only receive a pension at half the promised full rate.

The government is stealing from our Fire Brigades.  Firstly, they are paid a pittance for what they do.  Secondly, they are being forced to pay a far higher percentage of their pay than anyone else - effectively cutting their pay.  Thirdly, due to the harsh working conditions, the vast majority of the Fire Workers will be forced to retire before they can receive a full pension, thus losing half their money.  This is despicable.


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thank you Etienne 
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Link will take you to YouTube Video, I don't know why the video is not coming up
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