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The Islamic Conquest of India: A History of Bloodshed (Video) | sharia unveiled

DARPA Brain Chip Paves Way For Brave New World ! « Socio-Economics History Blog

I understand what I'm saying in this video sounds a little bit harsh but its a hell of a lot better than being hurt or killed. Please share!

Simple Safety Tips to Avoid a Truck Accidents How to Drive Defensively to Avoid Truck Accidents Semi trucks, tractor-trailers, and other large vehicles are notoriously hard to maneuver, adjust, and brake in emergency situations. Therefore, when a truck must stop, swerve, or move quickly, the chance that the entire rig may roll-over, jackknife, or skid is immeasurably increased. However, you can help decrease these accidents while protecting yourself and family by driving defensively and cautiously around trucks and large vehicles. These tips will help. Remember that if you can’t see a truck’s side mirror, than the trucker can’t see you.Keep at least two car lengths between you and the truck at all times.Do not attempt to pass a truck on the right or before he changes lanes; he may not see you nor be able to adjust his speed to compensate for your passing.When approaching on-ramps next to a truck, be aware of the on-ramp traffic. If a car is trying to merge, make sure you allow room for…

Socialist Workers' Party England: Support our Firemen.

Socialist Workers' Party England: Support our Firemen.: The SWPE today took to the picket line alongside the men and women of the Fire Brigade.  Firemen and Firewomen risk their lives every day to...

In an act of unspeakable greed, the UK government is forcing Firemen and Firewomen to pay a substantial proportion of their pay into a pension scheme which requires them to work in a very dangerous job until they are 60 years old.  If they should retire before they reach 60, they will only receive a pension at half the promised full rate.

The government is stealing from our Fire Brigades.  Firstly, they are paid a pittance for what they do.  Secondly, they are being forced to pay a far higher percentage of their pay than anyone else - effectively cutting their pay.  Thirdly, due to the harsh working conditions, the vast majority of the Fire Workers will be forced to retire before they can receive a full pension, thus losing half their money.  This is despicable.

The Diary of Lena Mukhina: An Important Document on the Leningrad Blockade (1941-1944) by Germany’s Wehrmacht

. . . . . Lena’s diary begins in May 1941 and ends in late May 1942, when she was evacuated from Leningrad. At the beginning of the diary, the reader is introduced to an introverted, 16-year-old girl. Lena lives with her aunt Lena and Aka, a family friend, in a communal apartment in Leningrad. The family is poor and survives mainly by borrowing money. Lena has few friends at school and is unhappily in love with Vova, a boy in her class. Despite her efforts to be a “good Soviet schoolgirl,” her grades are not very good. The tone of the diary changes abruptly on June 22, 1941, when the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union. Like millions of other Soviet citizens, she hears the speech of Foreign Minister Molotov on the radio. Stalin, shocked by the Nazi invasion he had failed to anticipate despite numerous warnings, would not make a statement until two weeks after the outbreak of war. Nurses assisting the wounded during the first bombardment On June 23, Lena notes that the population is unprepa…

The rise and rise of Golden Dawn | The rise and rise of Golden Dawn

By Harry van Versendaal With its leadership awaiting trial for a series of alleged felonies, why would someone vote for Golden Dawn? “Golden Dawn is changing. To me, as a voter, there are clear signs of political maturity. The party is moving away from what used to be its core ideology; it’s not about kicking and punching immigrants anymore,” says Thodoris, a mild-mannered 45-year-old civil servant a few days after the far-right party gained seats in the European Parliament for the first time in its history. “A growing number of people are joining out of patriotism and concern about national issues like illegal immigration. If you attend a party rally, you won't see skinheads but ordinary people like me.” Thodoris, who lives in the seaside resort town of Porto Rafti, east of Athens, says he initially voted for the anti-immigrant, ultranationalist and Holocaust-denying group in 2012, mainly to protest the way Greece’s two mainstre…

The White Resister - White Genocide in the United States of America – a 100 Year History

The BBC: Masters of Black Propaganda! « Socio-Economics History Blog

The BBC: Masters of Black Propaganda! « Socio-Economics History Blog
The BBC: Masters of Black Propaganda!
Video: UK Man Wins Court Case Against BBC For 9-11 WTC 7 Cover Up! The BBC: Masters of Black Propaganda!
by Dr. David Halpin 
‘Nation shall Speak Truth unto Nation’ – The Ironic BBC motto.“BBC News is the department of the BBC responsible for the gathering and broadcasting of news and current affairs. The department is the world’s largest broadcast news organisation and generates about 120 hours of radio and television output every day, as well as online news coverage at The service maintains 44 foreign news bureaux and has correspondents in almost all the world’s 240 countries.”  (BBC)
The BBC started broadcasting as the British Broadcasting Company in 1922.  Its call sign became ‘London calling’ and London it was with its wealth of colonial wile and the stamp of its military.  Reith, the seventh child of a Presbyterian minister, founde…

Gov. John Kasich;dedicated Holocaust memorial today at Ohios' Statehouse

Libeskind’s design features a shattered Star of David symbolizing 6 million Jewish victims and a stone inscription recognizing “millions more, including prisoners of war, racial and ethnic minorities, freemasons, homosexuals, the mentally ill, the developmentally disabled and political dissidents who suffered under Nazi Germany.”

The warning at the ceremony came from Deborah Lipstadt, a professor at Emory University who has spent the past few years speaking out against “Holocaust deniers” who either insist the Holocaust did not happen, or argue it was greatly exaggerated. 

She cited an example just last month in which a middle-schoolers in a Southern California district were asked to write a paper explaining if they believed the Holocaust was historical fact or was made up to stir public sympathy and reap financial gain. After massive opposition, the project was scuttled. 

“The teachers were not insensitive; they were wrong,” Lipstadt said. “This is not a sensitivity case; it’s history.”…