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TRUE STORY; WHY CAN'T THEY UNDERSTAND? They should have their own police channel with as much as they are on it!


 STOP IT! or HOW CAN WE MAKE IT STOP?'   no names were used telling this and if so all names and places not real names to protect the concerned, and innocent.

 I know when I woke up this morning the police scanner was still on because I fell asleep listening to it, was a call for the police to one of their complexes; rolling my eyes like OH GEEZ now what?   I rolled over listening as an officer came back on saying the call was a young college student who had gotten drunk last night and thought he left with friends and he somehow ended up there.  I sat up like OH, well that sucks for him  but, glad he's alright and went about my day it went something like this:

Just got back from having lunch and shopping with a friend earlier today whose family are property owners of several apartment complexes who go out of their way through out the year to show appreciation to their residents even.

How are these property owners shown the same respect, when being called out to their complexes at all hours time after time for shot's fired ,'dead body' very few  due to natural causes, suicide attempt, overdoses and domestic violence police calls.   The majority of those  calls have something in common most to all involve black residents.  You never hear that many consecutive  calls about other complexes or places with any other race of people.  My first reply was stop renting to them then, and we both said at the same time can't do that either because get into trouble, and I was informed they were told by police you have to do something, this isn't safe.

OK, officer then please tell us please,  how we should or could stop this. Without getting into trouble for not renting,  out to these applicant's, residents or prospective ones.  My friend went on to tell me that they even remember as a little little kid this kind of thing happening when they lived there and my friend having to be a witness of a murder by a black resident. That can't be blamed on President Trump.

Our afternoon  ended  hearing my friends phone go off as another police call to complex address, with friend leaving in frustration.



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