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The New Salem Witch Hunt

I know there is nothing new about the NAACP, ACLU, SPLC, etc wanting to expose those who say or do anything against Minorities,Non-Whites, etc... but why is this sounding like it's turning into a reenactment of the "Salem Witch Trials"

I wonder if those that supported Obama, ACORN,Campaigners,Supporters, who behaved in a very thuggish threatening manor themselves in the vandalizing, destructing acts and behavior themselves exposed and charged with a Felony Hate Crimes? Of course not this is just a pipe dream that will never happen, especially now.

How often did we hear about McCain, Perot, Barr, Third Party. Or those who had no signs for any candidates vandalism, attempted arson, harassment to individuals, homes all on Private Property aside from on a local level or on the Internet if you looked for it. You didn't and that is a Crime.


ORLANDO, Fla. — Vandals have spray-painted 60 city vehicles in Orlando, some with messages against Sen. Barack Obama. You heard about this because Obama was mentioned and they had business cards

Vandals hit the Virginia Oaks neighborhood in Gainesville Most of the 25 homes, garages and utility boxes were scrawled in red and black with “F--k McCain” but there were also several homes hit with “666” followed by “See What Happens.

I could go on and on showing different stories of vandals, arson etc on Private Property, I haven't even begun on the state of Ohio, and there was plenty.

Good grief a teenage boy that I talked about in an earlier post is going to be charged with a Felony Hate Crime, just for taking Obama signs out of someones yard and laying them on the ground. A third grader was made to turn her pink McCain/Palin Shirt inside out at school. What the Hell sounds like a Witch Hunt to Me!

I think that all who have endured these types of Hateful,Illegal, Forms of Vandalism on Private Property all need to band together and file a Class Action Law Suite or try to pursue Hate Crime Charges against these Vandals.


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