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Sounds like the New "Salem Witch Trials" LibRA copy

Sounds like the New "Salem Witch Trials"

I know there is nothing new about the NAACP, ACLU, SPLC, etc wanting to expose those who say or supposedly do anything against Minorities, non-Whites, etc... but why is this sounding like it's turning into a reenactment of the Salem Witch Trials .

We also have to contend with "Minorities" perpetrating crimes with the false sense that Euro Folk committed bias threatening acts to gain more sympathy, monetary gains, or maybe 30 minutes of fame all at the expense such as this story and many others that have paid the price to one of these falsehoods. Black Arrested for posing as White Racist making threats
Please read this great piece Traits that suggest the commission of a hoax
I wonder if those that supported B. Obama: ACORN, Campaigners, Supporters, who behaved in a very thuggish threatening manor themselves in the vandalizing, destructive acts and behavior will be exposed and charged with a Felony Hate Crimes? Of course not this is just a pipe dream that will never happen, especially now.

How often did we hear about McCain, Perot, Barr, or anyone else. How about those who had no signs supporting any candidates vandalism, attempted arson, harassment to individuals, homes all on or to Private Property aside from on a local level or on the Internet if you looked for it.
You didn't and that is a Crime. Take these stories for example:


ORLANDO, Fla. — Vandals have spray-painted 60 city vehicles in Orlando, some with messages against Sen. Barack Obama. You heard about this because Obama was mentioned and they had Business Cards "Private Property"

Vandals hit the Virginia Oaks neighborhood in Gainesville Most of the 25 homes, garages and utility boxes were scrawled in red and black with "F--k McCain" but there were also several homes hit with "666" followed by "SEE WHAT HAPPENS" "Private Property"
Daniel M. Jackson, 23, of Gainesville was "charged with 21 counts of misdemeanor destruction of property and is being held without bond." He turned himself in Thursday after police obtained warrants for his arrest.
Prince William Board of Supervisors Chairman Corey A. Stewart (R-At Large) -- who called for an investigation after the incidents occurred, labeling them "voter intimidation" -- said yesterday that he deferred to police on the motive for the graffiti. (Why is this not a Hate Crime) I'm glad they caught the guy because the families were terrified. They had no idea who did this or why they did it."
I could go on and on showing different stories of vandals etc on Private Property, I haven't even begun on the state of Ohio, and there was plenty.
Good grief a teenage boy that I mentioned in an earlier post is going to be charged with a Felony Hate Crime, just for taking Obama signs out of someones yard and laying them on the ground."Private Property"
A third grader from Florida was told to turn her pink McCain/Palin Shirt inside out at school. What the Hell sounds like a Witch Hunt to Me!
I think that all who have endured these types of hateful, Illegal, Forms of Vandalism on Private Property all need to band together and file a Class Action Law Suite or try to pursue Hate Crime Charges against these Vandals.

Policy Makers Guide To Hate Crimes :
Bias is a term used to describe a tendency or preference towards a particular perspective, ideology or result, especially when the tendency interferes with the ability to be impartial, unprejudiced, or objective.[1] The term biased is used to describe an action, judgment, or other outcome influenced by a prejudged perspective. It is also used to refer to a person or body of people whose actions or judgments exhibit bias.
I think that according to the Policy Makers Guide To Hate Crimes, we just might have a case against Obama/or the above mentioned. Sounds like a "Bias Motivated Crime to Me"

You may remember the piece that I wrote in October talking about what happened to myself and other incidents in Ohio, of course those stories links are no longer working or at least not for me.
Four days ago I had my house vandalized by Obama Supports. Graffiti written all over my car, granted it was in soap but it said OBAMA 08, OBAMA 08 BITCH. Then Spray Painted on My Garage Door was Obama 08 Bitch.

The Door was repainted & we got over it(not really or I wouldn't be writing this). After pictures where taken of the mess, except the GarageDoor. (Tempers of others were not on my side) To take more pictures. There are no Campaign Signs in my Yard for either candidate.

Obama/ACORN headquarters were called with a response from them of who cares. They then had the audacity to ask if I was going to Vote for Obama. I found the following link that same day where someone in New Hampshire called the Media, the Police all over paper thrown in the yard. Get over it, pick the paper up and Throw it away, no need in making it a National Crisis.

After telling the story of what happened to a local friend, she then informed me of several Obama canvassers coming to her door and being quite intimidating towards her because she said NO, luckily her dog scared them off. She then witnessed the same individuals walking to a neighbor's house who happened to be a black man who was a Pastor at a church, who supported McCain, where they ripped the sign out of the yard and threw it down.

I, know this kind of activity is going on Nationwide, but Ohio is crazy with this kind of Obama/ACORN activity. I saw on the news yesterday afternoon where a Teenager in either Middle School or a freshman is being charged for ripping OBAMA signs out of someone's yard and throwing them down getting 6 months of jail time. I am unable to find the link to that story.

This White couple had to leave their home because they had McCain/Palin Signs in their yard and someone tore signs down, egged their home and attempted to set their house on fire.

Political Vandals

Political yard signs become a target for violence and one family says vandals went too far.

The family is in a new home because of the violence attracted by political signs. Jake Whittenberg reports the family still refuses to take them down.

Hateful View Reflects bias against Obama
Friday, November 14, 2008 3:02 AM

I respect those who voted for Arizona Sen. John McCain and their disappointment that their presidential candidate lost. However, I am dismayed that The Dispatch chose to publish the Nov. 6 letter, "Obama doesn't have U.S. interests at heart," from Dave Mason.
Mason is misinformed, and his views not only are biased, but also laced with fear. Anyone who listened to President-elect Barack Obama's eloquent acceptance speech on Nov. 4 heard a man of great intelligence and grace talk of his love of America, his dedication to his country and his deep resolve to unite us as a nation and to conquer our enemies.
If McCain had won, would The Dispatch have printed a letter that said hateful and wrong things about him from an Obama supporter?
I hope Mason gets over his shame and gives Obama a fair opportunity to govern our great nation.
S. B. VARY of Columbus
I agree with a message that B. sent me in response to a story I submitted on about Hate Crimes. The only way we are going to get the I hate using this but "The Establishments" attention is by reporting every Anti White biased act to respective places and following up with them.


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