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The Government's Plan To Kill Independent Web Sites

"They" are scared -- scared of the seismic shift in media. The power lost by the media giants is terrifying. Well-established filters of information, painstakingly crafted over decades of manipulation and control, are being shattered by small independent web sites. "Free speech" has secretly been a right granted only to the chosen few who play the game and contribute to political campaigns.

"They" are panic-striken -- in a panic over you, the millions of people being given free reign to say what you want on web sites outside the traditional channels of control. To "them", "free speech" is an abstract concept not intended to be entrusted to anyone with a computer and a keyboard. You do not play the game, you are a disruptor, you are unwanted, you must be removed.

Who are "they" and "them"? The government, of course. But more specifically, the representatives and senators living in the back-pockets of media and telecommunications giants -- with a smattering of the stunningly small number of power-weilders fixated on rolling back to a mix of media that can be controlled and manipulated to feed you the mental pabulum that keeps you sedated.

Fortunately for us, "they" have a face, and the face of our enemy is Representative Rick Boucher (democrat from Virginia), the new chairman of the House Subcommittee tasked with telecommunications technology and the Internet. This enemy of free expression, living comfortably in the back pockets of big media and telecommunications, is planning to craft legislation designed to obliterate millions of independent voices on the Internet and shift power back into the hands of big media and big telcom.

Oh, but that's impossible, you might say, free speech on the Internet has blossomed to a proportion where thoughts of control or destruction are absurd. Well my friends, I'm here to warn you that such absurdity is very much a reality. And, worse yet, the spin doctors and manipulative conspiracy of information obfuscation may even cause many of you to be in favor of the legislation that kills accessible free speech on the Internet.

Infuriatingly disguised as "online privacy advocacy", Boucher is, in reality, a big media hatchet-man, devising the genocide of the Internet culture. Given the rampant abuse of the Government collusion with big telcom to monitor your online activity, you can be certain the Chairman of the "House Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet" has no real interest in your privacy, and every interest in keeping campaign contributions flowing, and information contained amongst his friends in big media.

On the surface, the concerns of rhetoric spewing from Boucher's efforts seem plausible, and pander to the "F.U.D." (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) that has been rampant in relation to the Internet and the tracking of we users via cookies. However, Boucher's plan is to require all web sites using "third party ad networks" to actively obtain the consent of each and every visitor, before displaying any ads form such networks. To the average person, this may seem like a drastic but reasonable action to ensure online privacy, in reality, it's a systematic plan of genocide that will destroy independent thought on the Internet.

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