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Butler County, Sheriff Jones To Spearhead AZ Type Bill In Ohio

Sheriff Richard K. Jones announced Thursday, April 29, he will spearhead efforts to have a statewide “citizens initiative” placed on the ballot for Ohio immigration reform.
Fearing recent letters he sent jointly with state Rep. Courtney Combs, R-Hamilton, to Ohio leaders won’t be enough to get immigration reform on the “fast track” for Ohio, Jones said he wants the voters to decide the issue in November.
“Our federal government has let us down on immigration reform,” Jones said in a prepared statement. “I’m afraid our state legislature may not want to act on it either … If the majority of voters in Ohio want it done, it’s probably going to have to be their initiative to be the driving force.”
“If the governor doesn’t want to stand up to illegal immigrants and the drug trafficking coming out of Mexico, then we’ll take it to the people,” Combs said.
The issue concerns many of Butler County’s estimated 363,184 Hispanics. That number is up 9.2 percent since 2000, according to the U.S. Ce…


ATLAHWorldwide — April 25, 2010 — Hon. James David Manning tells Obama to go to Hell. Recorded Friday, 23 April 2010. Follow us on twitter at Click here for more information on the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition And Treason Trial:
Click here to print the CIA Columbia Obama Sedition And Treason Trial Flyer:… Distributed by Tubemogul.

Girls Kill Gay Man ‘Clockwork Orange’ Style

Two drunken teenage girls kicked a man so badly as he lay unconscious during their homophobic attack that he later died, a court heard.
Ruby Thomas and Rachel Burke, both 18, stamped on Ian Baynham’s chest and kicked him in the head after their friend Joel Alexander, 19, had punched him to the ground, knocking him unconscious, the Old Bailey was told.
As Mr Baynham lay bleeding the teenagers continued to assault him, it was said, causing him to suffer a fit from brain damage after his skull had been fractured.
When Mr Baynham’s friend stepped in to try to save him, Ms Burke attacked him too, punching him in the face,
“One onlooker likened the level of violence to a scene from the film A Clockwork Orange. What happened was an all too familiar and depressing tale of drunken, loutish behaviour. But what they did went far beyond mere antisocial conduct.


WN Lawyer Found Murdered In Home

Maybe I’m reading a little to much into to this but isn’t it a little weird how he was killed by a Black man who happened to be an Ex lawn/yard worker and SA’s Eugene Terre’Blanche. I mean I know there is no comparison of the two but then again there is.
WN Lawyer Found Murdered In Home
A white supremacist lawyer with a knack for publicity was found stabbed to death in a burning house on Thursday and Mississippi authorities later said a neighbor had been charged with murder. Rankin County Sheriff Ronnie Pennington said Richard Barrett’s body was found just after 8 a.m. after residents reported smoke coming from his house in a rural area outside a Jackson, Miss., suburb. Pennington told The Associated Press that Vincent McGee, 22, has been charged with murder in the case. Additional charges could be forthcoming, Pennington said, including arson. The sheriff said McGee had not yet hired a lawyer and the suspect’s mother had no comment when she went to the jail where her son was bein…

Twisting The Truth. . .

In commemoration of Adolph Hitler’s birthday, Neo-Nazis preached to a group of hostile counter-protesters in front of City Hall Saturday afternoon in Los Angeles.
Considered “the most dangerous domestic threat in the United States” by the Department of Homeland Security, the National Socialist Movement, a Neo-Nazi organization, is anything but peaceful. They advocate the elimination of all American minorities, including those of African, Mexican, and Asian descent, homosexuals, disabled people and more. Violence is common, and there have been at least nine murders by NSM members since President Obama’s election, The goal of the Los Angeles rally was to “battle illegal immigration,” said Charles Wilson, public relations specialist for the NSM. “Last time I checked, if you do something illegal, you go to jail … we’re here to say enough is enough.” Counter-protesters arrived around 10 a.m. at First and Spring Street. Participating groups included the Black Panthers, the Brown Berets an…

Rights and NSM Attacked By Anti’s In L.A.

“Nazis go home,” about 40 white supremacists stood and waved swastika flags at a rally closely monitored by the Los Angeles Police Department.
“We are tired of you clogging up our streets,” shouted one white supremacist, who belongs to the group National Socialist Movement. Another group member denounced illegal aliens repeatedly, saying, “If the city supports illegal aliens and criminals, that is treason.”
Several fights preceded the appearance of the supremacist group. One involved a man holding a sign with flames and a swastika. The man, who was carrying a bullhorn, was suddenly rushed by a mob of counter- demonstrators and beaten near the corner of Spring and 1st streets.
The man, who appeared to be in his 30s, was punched in the face and kicked for about 20 seconds by protesters, many of them wearing bandannas.
About a dozen police in riot gear rushed from near City Hall, running straight into the center of the mob.
“Police!” members of the mob screamed, running down Spring St…

Dashcam Cop charged with felony aggravated battery & misconduct

A suburban Chicago police officer caught on dashcam hitting a motorist 15 times with his metal baton and firing a stun gun at the man’s passenger has been charged with felony aggravated battery and official misconduct, and more charges are possible, prosecutors say.
Neither man attacked or threatened Streamwood Police Officer James Mandarino during the early morning traffic stop last month, CMore..ook County, Ill. prosecutors say.
In fact, the video taken from the officer’s dashboard camera suggests that both the driver, Ronald Bell, 28, and the passenger did exactly as they were told.
“This conduct as displayed on the video by this officer is not only disturbing, it’s outrageous and is unacceptable,” Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez said during a news conference.
“Every law enforcement officer holds his or her powers through the public trust and this officer’s senseless act of rage against an unarmed citizen constitutes and offensive violation of that trust.”

Challange That Please, says the ALA

The American Library Association released its list of the “most challenged books of 2009,” this week, and the results are dismaying.

Why should the list make book-lovers nervous? Not because it shows that classics like To Kill a Mockingbird (fourth on the list), The Catcher in the Rye (number six), and The Color Purple (number nine) are still under siege, even generations after they were first released. Not because one of the newer entries is a picture book about penguins that offends some parents because of its portrayal of same-sex animal marriage (And Tango Makes Three, number two). Not even because the number one most challenged text is a book called ttyl, which is written entirely in text message-speak, and therefore reveals that enough of America’s youths are reading a book written entirely in text message-speak for parents to try to put a stop to it.
No, what’s alarming is not that grown-ups are trying to prevent kids from reading about racism in World War II-era Alabama or …

Manifestation Implemented 'Manifestationen genomförd '

Thank You Emil & Sweden and all that attended 'Stop The Boer Genocide'
I did a translation of part of this article on Google from Swedish to English, I'll include the link to the original story so that you can transfer to translate to your spoken langauge.

Manifestationen genomfördManifestation Implemented

Av Redaktionen From The Editor17 april 2010 April 17, 2010
Svenska motståndsrörelsens manifestation under parollen ”Stop the Boer Genocide” genomfördes idag utan större störningar i Stockholm. Swedish Resistance Movement demonstration under the slogan "Stop the Boer Genocide" took place without any major disruptions in Stockholm.Här följer ett kortare reportage med bilder. Here is a short story with pictures.
Ett hundratal personer slöt upp till samlingen på Sankt Eriksplan i Stockholm vid 12-tiden. About a hundred people came to the gathering at St. Eriksplan in Stockholm at 12 o'clock.Förutom organisationens…

“teen births” Understanding Illegitimacy

The press has rushed to report a minuscule drop in “teen births” based on data released Tuesday by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). As usual, the mainstream media are focusing on a trivial, politically correct story while ignoring the real story buried in the data.

Here’s the real story: According to CDC, a record 40.6 percent of children born in 2008 were born outside marriage — a total of 1.72 million children. The overwhelming majority of the unwed mothers were young adults with low education levels,
America is rapidly becoming a two-caste society, with marriage and education at the dividing line. Children born to married couples with a college education are mostly in the top half of the population; children born to single mothers with high-school degrees or less are mostly in the bottom half.

The disappearance of marriage in low-income communities is the predominant cause of child poverty in the U.S. today. If poor single mothers were married to the fathers of their children,…

Ku Klux Klan sues Missouri … for discrimination

A federal judge has ordered Missouri state officials to allow a splinter group of the Ku Klux Klan to hold a picnic at a Civil War historic site after the group filed a lawsuit claiming it was discriminated against by the state.
Frank Ancona, “the Imperial Wizard of the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan,” filed a lawsuit on Wednesday alleging that his organization had been “treated differently” from others when it applied for a license to hold a picnic at Fort Davidson, some 70 miles south of St. Louis.
“Rather than simply checking for availability on the calendar, as is done for other groups seeking to use the pavilion, plaintiff was required to submit a written request outlining his plans,” the lawsuit (PDF) stated. “Other organizations are not required to make written requests to use the large shelter if nothing will be sold to the public.”
The lawsuit asked the judge to declare that the Klan’s constitutional rights were violated by the refusal, and also asked …

Sticks and Stones Officer, Dash Cams Don’t Lie

Taken from newsnet14
In a Chicago suburb, a police officer’s own camera caught him beating an unarmed motorist repeatedly with a metal baton.  On March 28, Mandarino, a 15-year veteran of the police force, followed Ronald Bell in his car after he screeched his tires, authorities said.

The seven-minute video, captured by the squad car camera, shows Bell, 28, complying with the officer’s orders as he kneels on the ground. Then, Mandarino unleashes a series of blows, striking him 15 times with the baton until Bell collapses, throwing his hands up to protect himself. The tape also showed Mandarino using a Taser on the car’s passenger as he left the vehicle.
Officer James Mandarino was charged with official misconduct and aggravated battery, and was released on $50,000 bail. He is on administrative leave from the Streamwood Police Department.
But Ed Wanderling, Mandarino’s lawyer, said the silent video gives an incomplete version of the events and didn’t record the language Bell used towa…

Somali population in Franklin County have ranged from 15,000 to 80,000.

If you can't make the Friday deadline, you "should still try to pop it in the mail," said Kim Hunter, a spokesman for the Census Bureau based in Detroit. But "after Friday, the chances are raised pretty high that somebody is going to come by."
As of yesterday afternoon, 65 percent of Franklin County residents had mailed back the form, despite repeated public appearances by Columbus Mayor Michael B. Coleman, state Treasurer Kevin L. Boyce (a former Columbus City Council member), and other city and county officials urging residents to send it back.

Of the Big 8 cities, Columbus bested only Cleveland. The best response among Ohio's largest cities was in Canton, at 67 percent.
"The mayor's been pounding this," said Coleman spokesman Dan Williamson. "He's had a number of events, both with the media and to reach different communities. He talked about it in the State of the City. He's talked about it whenever he can."
Columbus ha…

Somalis in Minneapolis: their numbers are growing . . .

The St. Patrick’s Day festivities meant something much different for the couple in their 80s from Minneapolis than for the other revelers at the local American Legion Post on Florida’s Treasure Coast.
Within days the couple would be returning home to a Minnesota suburb now changed forever by the huge influx of Somali immigrants whose behavior had forced them to move from their familiar neighborhood.
“They are taught how to flush,” Marie (not her real name) said. She began to describe how the émigrés are taught how to use and flush a toilet, how to turn on kitchen faucets to get hot and cold water and how to use a stove in a house built in Somalia expressly to teach immigrants to the United States how to behave in their new surroundings
Then she went on to reminiscence on her over 80 years of living in her beloved country. One of 11 children of Eastern European descent, she said, “We spoke English.” The life she and her husband lived was one of hard work, diligence and respect for …

Eugene TerreBlanche paid for domestic workers funeral.

Eugene TerreBlanche paid for domestic workers funeral. As Eugene Terre'Blanche's alleged killers are due to appear in court today, it has emerged that the AWB leader's decision to pay for his domestic worker's funeral could have led to his murder.

A week before he was bludgeoned to death, Terre'Blanche's domestic worker of 20 years died and he paid a sum of R7 000 to a local funeral parlour towards the burial of Rose Matheu (Rosie Nsako?).

Members of the AWB claim Matheu was killed because she had uncovered a plot to kill their leader, and they want her body exhumed.

But her family said she died of natural causes at Tshepong Hospital in Klerksdorp on March 29.....

Huckabee likens gay marriage to incest, polygamy

WASHINGTON – Mike Huckabee, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2012, says the effort to allow gays and lesbians to marry is comparable to legalizing incest, polygamy and drug use.
Huckabee also told college journalists last week that gay couples should not be permitted to adopt. "Children are not puppies," he said.
Huckabee visited The College of New Jersey in Ewing, N.J., last Wednesday to speak to the Student Government Association. He also was interviewed by a campus news magazine, The Perspective, which published an article on Friday.
Huckabee told the interviewer that not every group's interests deserve to be accommodated, if their lifestyle is outside of what he called "the ideal."
"That would be like saying, well there's there are a lot of people who like to use drugs so let's go ahead and accommodate those who want to use drugs. There are some people who believe in incest, so we should accommodate them. There are people who bel…

What the.... Sheep on Meth Are Shocked With Tasers

In Safety Study, Sheep on Meth Are Shocked With Tasers Cocaine is a hell of a drug, but getting shocked with a Taser while riding high on methamphetamines probably beats any white-knuckled cocaine experience hands down. And that's exactly what happened to some lucky sheep in a new study that tested the effects of Tasers on meth-addled targets, funded in part by Taser International.
There's at least some scientific reasoning behind all the apparent madness. Growing abuse of methamphetamines has led to arrest-related deaths in situations where law enforcement officers used their Tasers on drug-intoxicated suspects. The latest study was designed to test whether electronic control devices (e.g. Tasers) can lead to dangerous cardiac responses in meth-intoxicated humans, with sheep standing in for people.
The less-lethal device of choice was the Taser X26, a standard law enforcement tool which can fire at suspects from a distance of 35 feet. Researchers shocked sixteen anesthetized…

Taxpayer-funded hormone therapy for transgender inmates

MADISON, Wis. - A federal judge has struck down a unique Wisconsin law that prohibits transgender inmates from receiving taxpayer-funded hormone therapy, which alters their appearance to be more like that of the opposite sex.
A group of male inmates who identify as female had challenged the 2006 law with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin and Lambda Legal, a national gay rights group. They say they need the hormones to treat their gender identity disorder, and not having them would lead to severe health problems.
"It's a victory for these inmates who have a condition that is misunderstood and vilified for political purposes that can be very serious," Larry Dupuis, an ACLU lawyer who represented the plaintiffs, said Thursday. "To take away a whole class of treatment just because it's politically disfavored is not constitutional."
While similar prison policies in other states have been challenged successfully, the ACLU and Lambda L…

Greco-Roman mummy, tombs uncovered in Egypt oasis

CAIRO (Reuters) – Egyptian archaeologists carrying out excavations at the site of a planned youth center have found 14 tombs dating back to the third century BC, including one with a female mummy adorned with jewelry.
The Greco-Roman tombs, in Bahariya Oasis, 300 km (190 miles) southwest of Cairo, were discovered during probes that indicated they may be part of a much larger necropolis, Egypt's Culture Ministry said in a statement Monday.

A 97-cm (38-inch) tall female mummy, found in the stair-lined interior of one of the rock-hewn tombs, was cast in colored plaster inlaid with jewelry and eyes.
Archaeologists, who dug at the site ahead of the planned construction of a youth center, found the tombs contained other treasures as well. The area has now been turned over to Egypt's antiquities authority.

April 17, 2010 Protest against the genocide in South Africa

Sweden: Protest against the genocide in South Africa On Saturday the 17th of April 2010, the Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska Motståndsrörelsen) march to the South African embassy in Stockholm, housing representatives of the ANC government. We hold the ANC responsible not only for the murder of Eugéne Terre’Blanche, leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB), but also for the ongoing genocide of whites in South Africa. Eugéne Terre’Blanche dedicated his life to the struggle for his people and a sovereign state for the white Boer people. Tragically his life ended, just like thousands of other white farmers, brutally murdered by blacks. Several thousands and yet more, are those who mourn the loss. We shall never forget his sacrifice! Therefore we march – under the slogan “Stop the Boer genocide!” – in honor and remembrance for the white leader of the AWB. But we also march to tell the world about the situation for our kindred people in South Africa. We will tell of a govern…

70th Anniversery THE KATYN MASSACRES, Polish leader, 96 others dead in Russia jet crash

SMOLENSK, Russia — Polish President Lech Kaczynski and some of the country’s highest military and civilian leaders died on Saturday when the presidential plane crashed as it came in for a landing in thick fog in western Russia, killing 97, officials said.
Russian and Polish officials said there were no survivors on the 26-year-old Tupolev, which was taking the president, his wife and staff to events marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre in Katyn forest of thousands of Polish officers by Soviet secret police.
"Katyn, Russia, April 1943. The Germans discovered here the bodies of 4,500 Polish officers buried in mass graves. The crash devastated the upper echelons of Poland’s political and military establishments. On board were the army chief of staff, the navy chief commander, and heads of the air and land forces. Also killed were the national bank president, deputy foreign minister, army chaplain, head of the National Security Office, deputy parliament speaker, Olympic Com…

(Afrikaner Resistance Movement – AWB) Leader Eugene Terreblanche Murdered

South African white supremacist leader Eugene Terreblanche has been killed on his farm in the country’s north-west.
Mr Terreblanche, 69, was beaten to death by two farm workers after a dispute over unpaid wages, police say. Two people have been charged.
President Jacob Zuma has appealed for calm, saying the killing should not incite racial hatred.
Mr Terreblanche, who campaigned for a separate white homeland, came to prominence in the early 1980s.
“Mr Terreblanche’s body was found on the bed with facial and head injuries,” said Natal Police Capt Adele Myburgh.  “There was a panga [broad-blade knife] on him and knobkerrie [wooden club] next to the bed.”
Capt Myburgh said Mr Terreblanche had been killed at his home outside the town of Ventersdorp, North West province, after a payment dispute with two workers, aged 21 and 15, who have been arrested and charged with his murder.  The murder comes amid growing anxiety about crime in South Africa and what opposition politicians say are …

FBI is Fearing The Power That The Pen May Ignite or is it?

Could the letters that were sent to the Governors be in part to Cointelpro to be able to jump in and do a round up in part? I mean I know ppl are waking up etc but something just doesn’t feel right. . . . Your thoughts on it?

FBI is Fearing The Power That The Pen May Ignite Investigators do not see threats of violence in the group’s message, but fear the broad call for removal of top state officials could lead others to act out violently.
The FBI expects all 50 governors will eventually receive such letters.
Governors whose offices reported getting the letters included Jennifer Granholm of Michigan, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, Chet Culver of Iowa, Dave Heineman of Nebraska, Jim Gibbons of Nevada, Brad Henry of Oklahoma, Mike Rounds of South Dakota, Bob McDonnell of Virginia, and Gary Herbert of Utah, where officials stepped up security in response to the letter.
In Nevada, screening machines for visitors and packages were added to the main entrance to the state Capitol as a precaution.


Baptized By fire Washed in the flames In order to stop a slow DEATH You must first know its NAME ME my Name is BRODIE My HERITAGE IS STRONG!