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At the end of the nineteenth century, Europe is an incredible fever initiation. Hermetic orders and secret societies flourish everywhere. In England, a society devoted to the occult and magic includes many writers. Many of the "old" Golden Dawn become famous.
Has there been any relationship between this secret society and the first companions of Hitler?
Golden Dawn (Golden Dawn): This name clutched a sign is not esoteric additional suspected not certain insiders of the Hermetic Order of having contacts with the initiates of the secret societies that prepared Germany's National Socialism. It may be that the Golden Dawn has announced dark days for Europe ...

It starts with a joke, a kind insiders with the secret societies which pre-hoax lingered for students. In the second half of the nineteenth century to 1860, England, as throughout Europe shaken by a long shudder irrational. The spiritualist movement seizes a part of the elite.The other part is mixed Freemasonry and esotericism. Experiences of spiritualism multiply. This is the heyday of psychics and visionaries.
those who are tempted by the occult and who intend to spend a minimum of serious swell the ranks of the Rosicrucian society. Among them, three friends: William Wynn Westcott (1848-1925), who is a magistrate, Samuel Liddell Mathers (1854-1918), a Scottish adventurer, and Dr. William Robert Woodman, a retired physician.Whereas the Theosophical Society and Rosicrucian society that wants to recruit join William Westcott feels much more elitist. He prefers the secret to the crowd. It intends to limit the number of members of the secret society that dream form.

Around 1887, Westcott comes into the possession of a manuscript encrypted, apparently very old. In fact, it is an old fifteen years. No matter: Westcott, who is fond of Hermetic literature, not long to break the code, despite written in an unknown alphabet. In fact, the paper describes a series of ceremonies performed by a mysterious Golden Dawn. Freemason since 1871 and recognizes the strength that comes from a tradition, Westcott will then seek to "invent" a past and its corresponding European Golden Dawn. Mathers is his friend who is going to do. We do know that the deception 50aine years later, finding an old batch of documents of the time.
Westcott and Mathers start by finding a source of authority in Germany. They consist in the alphabet of the manuscript encrypted a message to authenticate the source: "The Sage Master Star is a leader among the members of the Golden Dawn. This is a famous sister. His name is Fraulein Sprengel. Send letters which are intended to Herr J.Enger, Marquardt Hotel, Stuttgart. It is 7 = 4, or a chief proponent. "
This is the least tight. But suffice it to applicants of the new secret society, which will translate, as an exercise and occult training, the entire script code.
With the help of Mina Bergson, sister of the famous philosopher Henri Bergson Mathers also produces a document that awarded custody of the temple of Isis-Urania # 3 "in the" Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. " Voila. Applications for membership tributary. They come from respectable bourgeois, with a strong contingent of doctors and writers.They are offered very respectable work program and access to grades reminiscent of those of Freemasonry.
these grades table is known to us. It has ten degrees after stage neophyte Zelator, Theoricus, Practicus, Philosophus, Adeptus Minor, Adeptus Major, Adeptus Exemptus, Magister Magus. Ipsissimus. The last three levels correspond to the dignity of secret leaders of the Order. They were none other than Mathers, Dr. Woodman and "Fraulein Sprengel."

During its first years of existence. Golden Dawn works as a sort of evening classes for occultomanes. theater accessories needed for passage from one grade to another are also widely studied Mathers has reconstituted a full vault with frescoes complicated symbolic colors . Studied too, according to some! Mathers, if he had been an amateur and a forger. certainly would not have had access to such knowledge ...
At the end of the "University of hermeticism," the insider was in possession of everything he needed to know - or almost occult traditions of European . These extensive knowledge partly explain the important role played by the Golden Dawn in the British esotericism.Today, several circles claim to this secret society. However, there must be something else. Behind the rituals a bit outdated, we saw that there was a genuine teaching. What was so behind this teaching?
If the Golden Dawn had been a kind loving stuffing bourgeois science secret, she would not have hired many writers: Arthur Machen , author of Grand god Pan, Bulwer-Lytton , who wrote The Last Days of Pompeii, Algernon Blackwood , the famous writer fantastic, Bram Stoker , Dracula's father, Sax Rohmer , with its series of Fu Manchu,Yeats himself, who was Nobel Prize for literature, were members of the strange secret society ... The Golden Dawn also counted among its members Florence Farr, the famous theater director and mistress of George Bernard Shaw, several academics and renowned scientists. In short, dozens of quality spirits. The admission of all who had the opportunity to talk about their introduction to the Golden Dawn, their view of the world was changed after passage in this Order .

In 1903, Waite Yeats succeeded as Grand Master. The first act of the latter under the new statute was a reform of the fundamental principles of the Order: he proclaimed the primacy of spiritual fulfillment (emphasis on esoteric knowledge and the quest for Truth) on completion equipment (which presupposes the occult in general and magic in particular). Seeing this act of negation of the very basis of the Golden Dawn (ie the practice of the occult) the outright annihilation of the Order, the former Grand Master Yeats strongly opposed Waite.Both sides then formed: one involving supporters of reform and represented by William Alexander Ayton (relatively shy in terms of operability), right arm Waite, and other gathering alongside the former Grand Master Yeats Conservatives. The quarrel lasted two years, after which the camp Yeats ended up founding his own order (The Stella Matutina, the "Morning Star") - complete transposition of the Golden Dawn before the reform Waite seceding what took the name of Holy Order of the Golden Dawn ("Holy Order of the Golden Dawn", the expression "holy order" further illustrating the new mystical tendencies instilled by Waite) and the rest went to be shaken by infighting until its dissolution in 1915, following the departure of Waite. After this "schism of 1905", which was the real coup de grace to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, some insiders remained neutral in the struggle between the camp and the camp Ayton Yeats preferred to found alone or in groups, their own fraternity.

Several branches then saw the day:
- The Stella Matutina ("branch Yeats") - above-mentioned; traditionalist group scissioniste that disapproving reform Waite, founded this order to perpetuate the original Golden Dawn.
- The Holy Order of 'Golden Dawn ("branch Waite") - also mentioned, took the name Golden Dawn after the reform, self-dissolved in 1915.
- The Rosicrucian Order Alpha & Omega ("branch Mathers") - arrested in 1939.
- The Astrum Argentum ("branch Aleister Crowley ").
- The Solar Order ("branch Brodie-Innes").
- The Order of the Light ("branch Pattinson")
- Builders Of The Adytum ("branch Paul Foster Case ").

Arthur Machen can guide us through his writings on the nature of the true message of the Golden Dawn. In a letter to the writer Jean-Paul Toulet, he states: "When I wrote Pan and The White powder, I do not believe that such strange events had arrived in real life, or even ever been capable of occur. But since then, most recently, it has happened in my own life experiences that have completely changed my perspective on this subject. I am now convinced that there is nothing impossible on Earth. I think we live in a world of great mysteries, things really unexpected and amazing. "
One of the dominant themes of the work of Arthur Machen's focus on Europe before Christianity. In it. at least, it remains faithful to the commitment néopaïen insiders of the Golden Dawn. This writer was born in a place predestined: Caerlson-on-Usk, in Wales, a tiny village where King Arthur \ \ has its courtyard where the Knights of the Round Table went to fetch the Grail.
Following neo-paganism, Wagnerism! Machen curious! And now, the esoteric: in 1914, two months after the declaration of war, he published "The Archers" fantastic news that he imagines the arrival of the archers of St. George, came to the battlefield to assist the infantry English. He will receive dozens of letters from soldiers who have seen, as in the new Machen, Angels rout the Germans!
could find other coincidences troubling for: Foundation in Berlin prénazis, a secret society for the study of a book by Bulwer-Lytton, Race overtake us; membership of the first members of the National Socialist Party to companies like Thule or Vril Society, founded by former Pink cross, the myth of the "Great Unknown Superior" common to mystics of the SS and initiates of the Golden Dawn ...

What knowledge, "forbidden" to the rest of mortals may well have passed between British occultist and future National Socialists? What strange ideas, which, perhaps. Horbiger theories, the "wizard" of Hitler, who believed that the Earth was hollow?

In the absence of precise answers, we must be satisfied assumptions.There are too many coincidences for there is nothing. One thing is certain though: the fantastic worrying writers of the Golden Dawn is carrying too many essential truths for not being inspired. And not to have, in turn, "inspired" practices even more disturbing!

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