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Greek ‘Golden Dawn’ Fosters Ties with German Neo-Nazis; as England shows support with The British friends of the Golden Dawn.

Supporters of the Greek right-wing extremist group Golden Dawn at a gathering in Athens on Saturday.

The Greek right-wing extremist party Golden Dawn is establishing close contacts with Bavarian neo-Nazis and began setting up a cell in Nuremberg last year. The party, known in Greek as Chrysi Avgi, even held a conference in the southern German city recently.
Bavaria’s state intelligence agency is particularly interested in meetings that have been taking place between right-wing extremists from Greece and those in Bavaria.
An umbrella organization of Greek communities in Germany has called on all Greeks in Germany to reject attempts by neo-Nazis to promote “violence, inteolerance and social cannibalism.”
Golden Dawn is led by Nikolaos Michaloliakos and has called for a revolution in Greece and an “ethnically pure” nation. Members of the party are accused of physically attacking immigrants and members of the country’s left-wing. They also regularly stage intimidating marches, wearing military uniforms and singing Nazi chants, in immigrant neighborhoods of Athens. MORE

The British friends of the Golden Dawn

 A demonstration against our Movement was held outside the Greek embassy in London was organized by few tens of freaks, blacks, and antifascists. The demonstration was also supporting the parastate squats that exist all over Athens. Simultaneously, a counter demonstration was organized by British Nationalists. Those Nationalists have even set up a league under the name “British Friends of the Golden Dawn. The MSM of England portraits the Nationalists as marginalized hooligans, reminding us of the treatment we had from the Marxist Media of our country.

Heiling a New Dawn – England’s ‘Patriotic Storm Troopers Targeting Invaders & Traitors’ by H.S. Lane

Most people will have heard of the Greek organisation The People’s Association – Golden Dawn, usually simplified to Golden Dawn, but its British counterpart is almost unheard of, not least because it is barely a month old. The Greek Golden Dawn was founded in 1980 by ex-convict Nikolaos Michaloliakos,[1] and is an extremist, far-right blend of populist street movement and political organisation that has gained media coverage due to its electoral success and violent campaigns against immigrants, ethnic minorities, and increasingly ‘left-wing’ Greek nationals. Maria Margaronis from The Guardian described it as ‘a party, a movement, a subculture; a vigilante force; a network inside the police and the judiciary, [whilst]  Vasilis Mastrogiannis of the Democratic Left, a former senior police officer turned politician, describes it frankly as “a criminal organisation.”’
In this year’s election in Greece, Golden Dawn came fifth, while more recent polls suggest they would come third were an election held tomorrow.[2] However, despite its seemingly wide support base, the group’s campaign for a white homeland for ‘indigenous’ Greek people has been widely condemned as neo-Nazi, racist and xenophobic by the international media and academics. Indeed, the country’s Prime Minister and BBC journalists have both drawn parallels between the rise of Golden Dawn and that of the Nazis in the 1930s.
EGD’s overt racism is the first major variation between it and the classic ‘counter-jihad’ (aka anti-Islam) groups operating in Britain today. In contrast to the EDL’s slogan ‘Black and White Unite’, and the existence of non-white Casuals and Combined Ex-Forces members, EGD has stayed true to its Greek brethren’s ideology and has posted photographs on its Facebook page of flags adorned with ‘Odin’s Cross’ – one of the most popular symbols for neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Next are numerous postings from the admin team praising Emma ‘heroine of free speech’ West – ‘if only everyone had her heart we would not be in this mess’ – followed by the bold statement, ‘she was trying to protect us but the Muslims spout hate at us and yet they get away free while she says something and ends up in jail for something she didn’t do’. (This logic comes from someone who also posted: ‘the P*ki yellow c*nts don’t like it f*ck of back to your own curry stinking f*ckin country f*ckin rag heads’.) Emma West is a particularly vile and bigoted character, and considering the numerous videos of her racist rant on YouTube, each with several hundred thousand views, in addition to the fact she went to prison because of it, I think we can assume that she did in fact commit the crime. The racism continues with a post by EGD admin of a You Tube link to The Clash’s famous song ‘White man in Hammersmith Palais’, with the comment ‘not any more L’.  Finally, ‘anti-white’ conspiracy theories are a defining characteristic of far-right ideology, and EGD’s does not deviate from the norm:
“Schools & the media dumb down the white kids! They make us feel guilty for the historical role our race has played! They do this so when the time comes for the change in power, the white kids won’t have the brains to fight back! It’s already happening! White kids forgetting the history & pride of their race to copy the way the black community speaks/dresses!”
Golden Dawn England

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