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Letter: It’s the drugs, not the guns, at heart of shootings; and these are FDA approved drugs.

Also don’t forget, even if you aren’t perscribed any of these drugs many are still in Public drinking water world wide through Prozac/RX Pee, that can’t be filtered out!

Remember this is the BS they feed you to take this shit!
Meaningful public debate after the Newtown, Conn., multiple shootings vanished when NRA’s unstable president got media attention and plugged armed school guards, which didn’t work at Columbine High School in Colorado in 1999. An archetypal verbal battle ensued, pitting insistent NRA gun-holders vs. persistent ‘Brady bunch’ gun-withholders. Quaint.
Focusing on guns in school shootings is like blaming traffic accidents on cars while leaving those pesky, irrelevant drivers out. A local psychiatrist wryly commented, “Never underestimate the ability of the American people to be misinformed.” This mental condition requires misinformers (e.g. media) and misinformees (i.e. us).
Following Newtown, the Feb. 3 edition of Mid-Valley Sunday carried five letters and three columns on the vehicle, guns; nothing on what drives kids’ behaviors (e.g. medications, poor nutrition, academic stress, peers, parents, pollutants, wi-fi).

Major national and local media failed to mention the aforementioned (unmentionable?) chemical culprits — psychoactive medications — were physically involved with 90 percent of shooters, almost always at the crime scene. Psych meds are a shadowy, core presence providing tidier explanation for a 2.5-fold increase in school shootings during the 1990s over historic rates.
Newer serotonin-affecting antidepressants were first widely distributed in the 1980s. Some doctors give them at most 10 years effectiveness before inevitable physical and neurological side effects outbalance benefits. Do the math. 1980s plus 10 years. 1990s!
Like Freud in 1930, people today explain abnormal behavior via mental, emotional or psychological motives rather than considering metabolic reactions to substances or a person’s physiological state. >>more<<

Of these 31, ten were seeing either a psychiatrist (8 of them) or psychologist (2 of them).  It is not known whether or not the others were seeing a psychiatrist, as it has not been published.
  1. St. Louis, Missouri – January 15, 2013: 34-year-old Sean Johnson walked onto the Stevens Institute of Business & Arts campus and shot the school’s financial aid director once in the chest, then shot himself in the torso. Johnson had been taking prescribed drugs for an undisclosed mental illness.
  2. Snohomish County, Washington – October 24, 2011: A 15-year-old girl went to Snohomish High School where police alleged that she stabbed a girl as many as 25 times just before the start of school, and then stabbed another girl who tried to help her injured friend. Prior to the attack the girl had been taking “medication” and seeing a psychiatrist. Court documents said the girl was being treated for depression.
  3. Planoise, France – December 13, 2010: A 17-year-old youth held twenty pre-school children and their teacher hostage for hours at Charles Fourier preschool.  The teen was reported to be on “medication for depression”.  He took a classroom hostage with two swords. Eventually, all the children and the teacher were released safely.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina – September 21, 2011: 14-year-old Christian Helms had two pipe bombs in his backpack, when he shot and wounded Socastee High School’s “resource” (police) officer. However the officer was able to stop the student before he could do anything further.  Helms had been taking drugs for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and depression. >>more<<

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