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Rumor has it; Plug Pulled and Mandela Is DEAD at age of 94?

A reliable source has revealed that Nelson Mandela’s life support machine was shut down and he has died in hospital aged 94. According to the source, the iconic Mandela died last night while he was still in hospital for the recurring lung infection that left him in critical condition for several days.
Rumors have flooded the newspapers and the internet with several sources reporting his death days earlier in a cruel attempt to fool the public and to upset the many people who have respect for this great humanitarian. The loss of the great man will be felt across the world.
Earlier today one of our writers, Laura Oneale, wrote an article questioning whether or not Nelson Mandela was still alive. He had been in the hospital 19 days for a recurring lung infection. As speculation surrounding his health continued to grow with many asking whether he was still alive or if, in fact, he had died. Until recently authorities would only confirm that he was on a life support system and remained in a critical condition.
Authorities have confirmed that Nelson Mandela has been taken off his life support machine, adding fuel to the speculation that he had died. Because of this, the rumor has been spreading that Nelson Mandela died last night and that the government and his family have “kept a lid” on the news because of American Present Obama’s upcoming trip to South Africa. Obviously, the president’s visit will be overshadowed by the announcement of the Noble Prize wining Mandela.
The Noble Prize winning humanitarian Nelson Mandela had his life support shut down after he died last night aged 94 at the end of a long battle with illness that ended with his hospitalization and finally his death. While his health problems started in 2011, it was the summer of this year when his condition worsened. >>more<<
thank you Right of Return to Europe; for African White Refugees

Early Colonial Flags of South Africa

     The Republic of South Africa is a country located at the southernmost tip of Africa. It became a stopover point on the spice route between the Europe and the Far East. In 1652, the first formal city of Cape Town was established by the Dutch. The discovery of diamonds in 1867 and gold in 1886 spurred the interest of other European powers and soon the natural wealth of the area and the resulting immigration intensified the subjugation of the native inhabitants.

South Africa’s whites-only town, Orania

WELCOME to Orania, South Africa: a whites-only enclave established in 1991 during the dying years of apartheid.
The town in the sparsely populated Karoo region is inhabited only by Afrikaners.
These descendants of Dutch-speaking migrants who arrived in South Africa in 1652 with Jan van Riebeeck, now make up six percent of the “Rainbow Nation’s” population.
But they make up 100 per cent of rural Orania.
It was the Afrikaners who formed the backbone of the National Party that introduced apartheid, and many South Africans regard Orania’s residents as little more than latter-day bittereinders – term used for Boer War holdouts – who rage against today’s majority rule.
Perhaps ironically, Orania’s existence is protected under article 235 of South Africa’s Constitution which ensures right to self-determination.
The legislation was adopted after the end of apartheid, following years of fighting against the system of separate homelands for native blacks.
“This republic is growing,” proclaimed Quintin Diederichs, a former rugby player who became a resident three years ago.
“We have fifty companies that we have created with our own hands,” said Diederichs.
But beneath the seemingly safe and secure environment lurks paranoia, some residents believe that one day blacks might turn against them.
A waiter at a bar said that he fears “black South Africans will kill all white people” when peace icon Nelson Mandela dies.
The 94-year-old who was jailed by the apartheid regime became the country’s first black president in 1994.
Upon his release from prison in 1990 he preached reconciliation and non-racialism.
Orania is probably not what the revered statesman envisaged for a new South Africa.
Former South African President Nelson Mandela with Betsie Verwoerd, widow of apartheid’s architect Hendrik Verwoerd, in Orania in 1995.

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