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Another case of it's alright if we do it, but your basicaly a POS for words saying get out.

Israel slams door on Ethiopian Jews after final airlift

The last group of Ethiopian Jews to be given the right to settle in Israel have arrived in Tel Aviv, but family members have been left behind
Bernat Armangue/AP

50,000 African migrants to be deported from Israel

Israel is preparing to deport thousands of African migrants after striking a secret deal with Uganda.


‘Uganda has a clear policy regarding refugees’

Israel's Haaretz newspaper reported on Friday that Israel would finance the migrants' flights to Uganda and their resettlement there, with each refugee apparently receiving $1 500 (about R15 400).
But Ugandan foreign affairs ministry spokesman Elly Kamahungye denied the deal.
“Is not true, it is unfounded, false and misleading that we have such an agreement,” Kamahungye told AFP.
“Uganda has a clear policy regarding refugees, on who comes in and who leaves, in line with international law, so it cannot be true in this case that we are receiving such people.”

The Israeli Government confirmed that the first of 50,000 Eritrean and Sudanese migrants would be sent to the East African nation after reports emerged suggesting that they had reached an agreement.
The terms of the deal have not been revealed, but Israeli media and opposition politicians suggested that it was agreed after Israel pledged to send money and weapons to Uganda.

Scottish government criticized for immigrants ad campaign

GLASGOW, Scotland, Aug. 30 (UPI) -- Scotland's Home Office is getting more heat for its advertising targeting immigrants, with critics saying it "borders on racism."

In the latest flap, the Home Office placed posters in immigration reporting centers in Glasgow and elsewhere advising immigrants to "ask about going home" and offering to book flights for them, the British newspaper The Guardian reported Friday. The posters follow an earlier bus advertisement campaign that warned immigrants: "In the U.K. illegally? Go home or face arrest."

Business Secretary Vince Cable called the posters an offensive stunt and Sandra White, a member of the Scottish Parliament, said they are "totaling inappropriate and appalling."

"In my view the campaign borders on the racist," she said. "The posters are in an area where most people who go there are African or Asian and to my mind they are there to put fear into people."

The Herald Scotland reported the campaign started July 29 and is to run until Oct. 4. A Home Office spokesman said the campaign is "to ensure people know we can provide sensitive advice and assistance to help them return home with dignity."


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