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Ohio Student Assoc., protest SYG Laws at Ohio State House. Clearly it's blacks that oppose this, I see 5 whites maybe?


I don't know the accuracy of these numbers, I just found this article interesting given the discussion topics lately.

In 513 Days Between Trayvon Shooting and Zimmerman Verdict, 11,106 Blacks Murdered by OTHER BLACKS

The race war has begun: Black on white attacks since Trayvon

Ayo Kimathi of Obama’s DHS has been prepping blacks for a ‘race war.’ I guess he didn’t get the memo as it’s already started. Below are just a few examples of blacks targeting ‘evil whitey’ just since the Trayvon Martin shooting last year. You’ll notice it started in April of 2012. That’s whenNBC deceptively edited the 911 call with Zimmerman on the night of the shooting to make him look bad. NBC’s deceptive edit of Zimmerman’s 911 call occurred in April of 2012. Right about the time you saw the spike in black on white violence.:
After arrest of Zimmerman:
April 2012 Ohio – Elderly white man Dallas Watts beaten by six juveniles in Ohio while they yelled – THIS IS FOR TRAYVON

Members of the Ohio Student Association protest the passage of House Bill 203, which would implement Stand Your Ground laws in their state. (Joel Solow/Ohio Student Association) -
“I am concerned by policies that seek to further divide us by encouraging us to fear one another based on elements of diversity that should otherwise be the tools that bring us closer together out of sheer curiosity and respect,” said Aricka Janay, a young woman from Ohio at a press conference at the state house on October 2. “I am concerned by policies that threaten the safety of our brown and black brothers and sisters throughout Ohio.”
The battle against Stand Your Ground has migrated from the south to the midwest and young people are in the trenches. The Ohio Student Association (OSA)—a growing organization of low-income youth and young people of color building local political power—has launched a new campaign against the impending implementation of Stand Your Ground in their state in the form of House bill 203. Close allies with Florida-based Dream Defenders, OSA has taken up the torch in combatting racial profiling, supporting public higher education and driving civic engagement for youth and students from marginalized communities.
In the wake of the George Zimmerman’s acquittal, local legislatures began debating whether the “self-defense” law should be adopted in Ohio. However, OSA which has become a force for student and youth power in Ohio will not give up without a fight citing the murder of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin as proof that the legislation serves to further strip people of color of their most important right, a right to life. Importantly, shoot first laws like Stand Your Ground highlight public safety as their main concern yet seem to only apply in the case of non-black perpetrators like Zimmerman while when black people—particularly black women like Marissa Alexander or Cece McDonald—stand their ground, the laws seem not to apply.

OSA is one of many statewide student associations that have sprung up since 2011 with the transition of the Occupy movement into a movement grounded in the grassroots and focused on building community power organizations. OSA were also the hosts of the first National Student Power Convergence in Columbus in the summer of 2012, and are an acting model for other student power unions that are being established across the United States from the Virginia Student Power Network to the North Carolina Student Power Union.
On October 3, hundreds of students and community members marched on the Ohio statehouse in protest of the Stand Your Ground proposal.

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