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Friday, January 17, 2014

Milk River with white and honey. Testament ancestors.

This has been translated from Russian to English

Milk River with white and honey. Testament ancestors.

October 6, 2013 - Kuznetsova Milena
Milk River with white and honey. Testament ancestors. 
rivulets called White can be found on the map in many places. Was the creek, on the outskirts of Russia, in a very inconspicuous village Nikolaevka. Long ago, the grandmother told Kuznechiha ancestors lived there her father Blacksmith. Their mother why - then called Kerzhak. Strange word was for the child's soul. Grandfather worked fisheries fit - played the boots. Warmer these boots did not exist. Skillful hands of my distant grandfather quickly found work.  in cold taiga edge shortage of customers did not have boots. Washed wool with the White River on a clear dawn.Dark is the night all the work, two - three o'clock slept. Here and labor relations disputes. Embroidered warm, homespun boots patterns daughter. Beautiful patterns were old. Remember how grandpa went to the gate and whispered, looking at the bright starry sky. He said in a half whisper, that this white milk spilled across the night sky. Yes, interesting speeches were unfamiliar to me. White River there and flows, its banks overgrown, there are many medicinal leeches, frogs croaking circle.They now are taken from all around the Chinese in their favor. Beauty, beautiful!Round as zemelku no tillage, but fertile and White sheltered everyone from Little Russia: Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian people. Now settle on the banks of Chinese, Koreans, mastering our Russian land. Perhaps this is a never-ending river of milk and honey Berezhko, with rich earthy bins. The history of our region packed mysteries left us little resettlement families of our grandfathers, the village are dying, crafts too. Good samovalnogo felt boot will not find in the area. Died craft, not heavy handed his grandfather craft. Two sons were not masters, and especially girls will not fooling. Harsh was the ancestor, the villagers respected him, chose him chairman of the kolkhoz. Nekrasov farm raised. Here write that Soviet power was bad. Work was always enough, payment, as they say worthy, feed and money.Nobody in poverty. Worked si its not spared. Children hut built, gave birth to children, singing in the holidays, working from dawn to dusk. No one complained, no groaning. Most importantly, from the village children were leaving! Returned after graduation. Learned not to higher education, suddenly take on the job. Know exactly what will be a livestock specialist, a veterinarian, a teacher, a combiner. Yes, there were rivers of milk in the truest sense. In every rural family cow and not one, but other animals. That was long ago, even the memories have not. It is a pity that people will not return to this rich, provided time and honey. Our grandfathers lived righteous work, and we have been taught. Nobody knew what to get higher education - two, three. That when applying for a job will be a contest, twenty people per vacancy. Unemployment is solid ... then people dreamed to be educated. Why in the country scared of universal literacy, some problems. Are educated people can not solve them in a civilized manner. It was possible, if we want. Where our Russian crafts? Is it really necessary to go for Russian boots in China. All production there.China, our brother and assistant, in our backward agriculture. Despite all this, sigh bitterly recalled his hardworking Granddaddy, will escape desperate dumb myself cry: 
- Oh, Grandpa, you're my grandpa. Here's your milk and honey. Where milk and honey Communists? That they are hardworking people, so let down. It is not true that the Russian people - lazy. Who invented this bike? My grandfather was a hard worker, his father did not go to work, now people work 16 - 17 hours. Is that lazy?Yes, where would it come from? People work from dawn to dusk, but in two or three jobs. Feed their families and live with dignity is not easy.
 - Oh, grandpa. Where is your milk and honey, which you were dreaming?Testament your not forgotten, old, Joint-stock land given to foreigners. Whether the time will be the masters of their native land? Apparently, Grandpa, and we have not live up to the time of strong peasant farming. Because the true owner on this earth is not. 
- Look, my grandfather! Spikes rye, wheat will sing on the rich land of the Amur.Golden spikes driven soybeans in distant countries. Around expanse and flourishing, our pudding flowing river in the direction of someone else ... There is no end and the edge of the free life, which is so easy to breathe alien people. 
- Goodnight, grandfather, great-grandfather. Time for the old can not be undone.That's just the memories will not erase from memory. 
10.02.13 excerpt from the glorious generic book.
© Copyright: Milena Kuznetsova , 2013 
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© Copyright: Milena Kuznetsova , 2013
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on October 6, 2013

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