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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Calgary ARA Rally ‘Hate Not Welcome Here’

Carrying “Hate not welcome here” signs, members of Anti-Racist Action Calgary marched through the community to Riley Park, where they held a brief speech. Three months ago, the group spearheaded a counter-protest against an Aryan Guard white pride march downtown, which resulted in a violent clash.

“There were absolutely no arrests made. No confrontation with the Aryan Guard,” duty inspector Rob Williams said of Saturday’s rally. “We had a police presence there . . . in case the situation turned bad, which it did not. We’re quite pleased with how this event went today.”

Organizers said the rally was held to protest against what they say are increased Aryan Guard activities in the area.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

ACORN getting $450,000 to show ppl how to vote

This is insane and something that continues to bother me to this day. Alright we saw a record number of new voters this year Youngsters, Blacks and Non Citizens voting this past election, many of the “new voters” being frauds. Why should the American Tax payers have to pay someone to demonstrate how to register to vote.

Thats a NO BRAINER. You learn that in School( I forget they don't learn or understand the same way we do) and various other media outlets. If you can’t figure out How or Where to register I sure as hell don’t want you voting on who is in office and who is going to control the Government. But then again that is just another ZOG tactic. Give the uneducated the power to vote. . . .

The state of Missouri agreed Thursday to pay $450,000 to a community organizing group to help settle a voter registration lawsuit filed last year.
The money will pay lawyers hired by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, or ACORN, in its suit against the Missouri Department of Social Services.
In the settlement, filed in federal court, the department agreed to establish procedures ensuring that the state help low-income and disabled people register to vote when they visit social service offices.
A national voter registration act, called the motor voter law, requires public aid agencies offering food stamps and Medicaid to provide clients with the chance to register to vote and to help them.
ACORN filed its suit in April 2008, alleging the state wasn’t meeting its obligations under the law. Three months later, a federal judge ordered the state to begin taking steps to help its clients register to vote.
MORE: http://www.kansascity.com/115/story/1282 676.html#Comments_Container

"Our Weapon Is The Truth": Just remember who's paying who's doing without and What's reaping all the BENEFITS

"Our Weapon Is The Truth": Huge Large Can of Worms or A Huge Can of Muslim Voters

The Year was 1920, written April 26, 2009

The year was 1920.
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I was at the doctors office with my mom this morning for her post op apointment and there was some magazines in the actual office and I got to reading about the 9/16/1920 bombing in New York at the JP Morgan Bank. So to say the least I came home and googled it to see what I could find out, etc and Holy Crap reading that article it was like taking some headlines from today! I'll post some signifigant key words and please check out the link. I copied just a wee bit I have added here!

Out of a clear blue sky, a deadly terrorist attack in New York City
But critics said that the government was using the terrorist threat as an excuse to curtail civil liberties.

J.P. Morgan's bank , Stock Exchange, The American economy was wracked by both high unemployment and sharp inflation. ,

The Red Scare
President Woodrow Wilson faced trying times. The nation had come through the slaughter of World War I, followed by the even more deadly Spanish Flu pandemic. Returning soldiers clashed with immigrants for jobs, the newspapers were full of stories of labor unrest and general strikes, wages didn't keep up with inflation, deadly race riots broke out in Chicago and St. Louis, wartime shortages for essentials like sugar persisted and crime was rapidly on the increase. As if that wasn't enough, small but vocal groups of socialists, communists and anarchists fervently preached the downfall of the corrupt capitalist system and the coming revolution of the proletariat.

The 1917 Espionage Act was followed by the Sedition Act of 1918 which forbid ''disloyal, profane, scurrilous or abusive language,'' against the U.S. government. These laws were still in force in the summer of 1919 when Wilson appointed fellow Democrat A. Mitchell Palmer as his attorney general.

Carbon Copy of History Past, almost

Posted Today at 11:17 PM by beautifulnightmare
While historians of the ''Red Scare'' describe American reaction to radical movements as ''hysterical'' and ''draconian,'' it might be added in fairness that those who most fervently believed that radicals could overthrow the government were the radicals themselves. Galleani's eloquent, almost mystical rhetoric urged them on:

Thou hast seen

the Passion, the Sorrow, and the horrid slaughter

of undefended right.

Thou hast curst, thou hast wept

Harvesting prison, misery, and affliction.

Cursing is sterile; weeping cowardly,


History directs you; Science arms you.

From unavenged tombs,

killed by disease and gunshot

your fathers entrust you with their vengeance

Be Bold! Redemption springs from audacious revolt!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

FOX Radio Alan Colmes' Waterloo with John de Nugent

Dear journalists and white comrades,

Alan Colmes is a bright, articulate Jewish liberal I always enjoyed watching as he used logic to skewer the neo-con windbag and chicken-hawk Sean Hannity (who like most neo-cons never served in uniform) from 1996-Jan. 2009 on FOX News Channel's 9 pm "Hannity and Colmes" show.

His website () says: "[Alan] has interviewed many key political and pop culture figures, including Former President Bill Clinton, Vice President Al Gore, Lynn Cheney, former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf, Senators Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Barack Obama and John McCain, Newt Gingrich, Deepak Chopra, and Carole King.'

So I gladly accepted Alan Colmes' invitation to appear on his new coast-to-coast FOX Radio show on Tuesday, 6/16/09 to discuss the shocking James von Brunn incident and more importantly, the context of white angst and white separatism.

Hear the show and read about it -- the 15-minute scheduled segment became 54 fiery minutes -- and hear the audofile (without commercial interruptions) here --

-- and judge for yourself if I dismantled Alan Colmes and took over his show to the point he thanked me ruefully for letting him be on my show....

White separatists worldwide are jubilating, and the left is complaining that I am a dangerous media monster ....and a combination of Christopher Walken and Neal McDonough..... if they had a baby and no one held it.

John de Nugent


The Government's Plan To Kill Independent Web Sites

"They" are scared -- scared of the seismic shift in media. The power lost by the media giants is terrifying. Well-established filters of information, painstakingly crafted over decades of manipulation and control, are being shattered by small independent web sites. "Free speech" has secretly been a right granted only to the chosen few who play the game and contribute to political campaigns.

"They" are panic-striken -- in a panic over you, the millions of people being given free reign to say what you want on web sites outside the traditional channels of control. To "them", "free speech" is an abstract concept not intended to be entrusted to anyone with a computer and a keyboard. You do not play the game, you are a disruptor, you are unwanted, you must be removed.

Who are "they" and "them"? The government, of course. But more specifically, the representatives and senators living in the back-pockets of media and telecommunications giants -- with a smattering of the stunningly small number of power-weilders fixated on rolling back to a mix of media that can be controlled and manipulated to feed you the mental pabulum that keeps you sedated.

Fortunately for us, "they" have a face, and the face of our enemy is Representative Rick Boucher (democrat from Virginia), the new chairman of the House Subcommittee tasked with telecommunications technology and the Internet. This enemy of free expression, living comfortably in the back pockets of big media and telecommunications, is planning to craft legislation designed to obliterate millions of independent voices on the Internet and shift power back into the hands of big media and big telcom.

Oh, but that's impossible, you might say, free speech on the Internet has blossomed to a proportion where thoughts of control or destruction are absurd. Well my friends, I'm here to warn you that such absurdity is very much a reality. And, worse yet, the spin doctors and manipulative conspiracy of information obfuscation may even cause many of you to be in favor of the legislation that kills accessible free speech on the Internet.

Infuriatingly disguised as "online privacy advocacy", Boucher is, in reality, a big media hatchet-man, devising the genocide of the Internet culture. Given the rampant abuse of the Government collusion with big telcom to monitor your online activity, you can be certain the Chairman of the "House Subcommittee on Communications, Technology, and the Internet" has no real interest in your privacy, and every interest in keeping campaign contributions flowing, and information contained amongst his friends in big media.

On the surface, the concerns of rhetoric spewing from Boucher's efforts seem plausible, and pander to the "F.U.D." (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) that has been rampant in relation to the Internet and the tracking of we users via cookies. However, Boucher's plan is to require all web sites using "third party ad networks" to actively obtain the consent of each and every visitor, before displaying any ads form such networks. To the average person, this may seem like a drastic but reasonable action to ensure online privacy, in reality, it's a systematic plan of genocide that will destroy independent thought on the Internet.

Visit the full topic to read the entire opening post and member replies.



That " GOON" that I mentioned in my article below, was Potok- the creepy figure utilized by Fox to promote their hate campaign against Von Brunn AND -ALL Americans who would DARE to question our TOTAL subserviance to - and occupation by - the Jews. Although it is not really fair to judge a person according to his appearance - I will make an exception based on what I know about the 'Southern Poverty Pervert Firm' I invite ALL investigative journalists to obtain ( or I will be glad to provide an official copy) of the transcript of Morris Dees' divorce trial. I have been exposed to some REAL filth in all the years of my journalistic investigation - but the bottom feeders at Dee's outfit of Marxist Zionist greedy Christian hating Jew lying hate mongers has 'set the bar' for sleaze. I honestly believe that if all America knew the TRUTH about the TRUE nature of the Southern Pervert Poverty scum center - their bulding would have burnt to the ground years ago and there wouldn't be a hole large enough to hide the trash that Dees hired to spread his hate and fear mongering. Once again - my STRONG POINT IS - people are known by the company they keep - So - WHY did supposedly prominent news agencies like Fox and MSNBC stoop to using these pervert hate-meister pedophile freaks as their poster boys - FULL WELL KNOWING who they REALLY are - UNLESS they ( Fox et al are as seedy as the scum they have allied themselves with ? You conect the dots. I have provided the FACTS! Thanks for reading this
PS - I have attached my speaker's dossier for your approval. You not only have my EXPRESS permission to print my article but to share it with ALL Americans who love truth and want to keep their freedoms. I have 'paid my dues' and hope to be able to enjoy the freedoms I and other dedicated men sacraficed for.

=========================================================================== =========



Myself and millions other responsible Americans are sick to death of our Christian nation being occupied by gangster Jews. The very presence of their filthy hollow-hoax big business fraud is an affront to the sensibilities of decent people. May I remind you that there is hardly an American family that has not suffered the loss of a son or loved one or neighbor or friend due to the occupation and evil of the stinking Jews.


Sunday, June 7, 2009

How Do You Define Terrorist?

Kill all Terrorists and those that strike FEAR in people, which is making a very broad statement, Col. Peters. How do you define terrorist or terrorism exactly? If you are saying Kill all those who strike "FEAR" wouldn't you also be labeling the Police and Government as "Fear" Strikers?

The Government is a guilty culprit in striking fear amongst one big time placing “FEAR” into the Citizens of America, whether it’s through False Flags of Terrorist attack, disease Allowing known terrorists into the country, even if they are on the DHS WATCHLIST.

Terrorist Organization How many on this list are on American Soil, How many are the American Tax payer being exploited by with support either by Public Assistance, coming back and forth during allotted time periods of not having to pay taxes, owning businesses. . .

Why it is that only certain groups can demonstrate protests without this kind of abuse today? I mean look at the multitudes of Illegal’s that march or have parades rubbing it into tax paying Americans faces. I think that would be the perfect time for ICE, Homeland Security, whomever to get buses, and round up said Illegal Immigrants and send them back, but instead when American Citizens Protest, demonstrate their First Amendment Right they are rounded up and abused.

I know this has been going on throughout time in prior generations over Wars, Civil Rights, Prohibition, the Right to Vote, etc. In modern day America why isn't this being seen on the National News? Why is that you just see racial fights, If you don't think that the United States is Living in a Police State look at this. This is just a drop in the bucket as news stories keep surfacing on a daily basis about Freedom of Speech, Thought, having an opinion, being an Euro American, what Political Party etc is treated as a major crime.

jlh 06/07/09

Friday, June 5, 2009

Anglo America?

Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it.
- Judge Learned Hand

July 4, 1776 was the first year that this great nation celebrated it’s independence of tyranny from England now lets fast forward to July 4, 2009 many cities across the United States won’t be able to keep to the traditions that have been taking place the past 233 years, because many cities just don’t have the money so they say to pay for fireworks.

I understand that the United States is in “Recession” I call it another Depression, in fact have for a while. But how is it that cities across America that claim to have no money to celebrate what Our Founding Fathers fought for.

Tucson cancels July 4th fireworks http://www.azstarnet.com/sn/printDS/295694

Fourth of July celebration cancelled in San Jose

(just two of many)

Yet the Cities that claim to have no funding to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence has funds to pay for such activities as the Juneteenth Festival http://www.juneteenth.com/history.htm,

Cesar Chavez Day http://www.cesarchavezholiday.org/,

Waila Festival http://lcweb2.loc.gov/diglib/legacies/AZ/200002725.html,

Cinco de Mayo http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cinco_de_mayo to name a few. To me that is unforgivable and it should be to all. Why is it that a Cities Funds, that come from your Tax Dollars are spent to celebrate these holidays of other nations spent, but they can’t pay for Celebration of Our Independence. . . .

jlh 06/04/09